Thursday, April 29, 2010

Ironic contrast

You may remember my posting about our new greenhouse and seedlings. It appears that we were a little pre-mature!
Even yesterday at the baseball game. I put my jacket back on, hood and all. NOT because I was cold, it was actually 80*, but I hadn't thought to apply sun-block, and I didn't want to end up fried. You may note my children in SHORTS. Well, living where we live, here's what we woke up to this morning.



Here's our greenhouse
It apparently couldn't withstand the winds yesterday that transported our trampoline all the way across our yard and pulled one of the legs off of the tramp.

Here are our monkey bars

Looks like we'll have snow for the rest of the week - oh goody! Guess I'd better start planting some more seeds inside then!
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Birthday suprise

I was having a couple of down days last week (I think they are obligatory with birthdays). Anyways, I decided that I wanted to spend my birthday with my kids and husband doing something fun, and something I could look forward to. Yes, it was all about me!
We told the girls that we had a surprise for my birthday but wouldn't tell them what it was.
I checked them out of school after a couple of hours, and we picked up my husband and traveled to a major league baseball game. The girls got new mitts (we thought our seats were in a pretty good spot, but no balls).
Anyways, we had a fantastic time. While our team lost by one point, they had to go into extra innings because of the previous tie. It was a blast, although 4.18 hrs is a really long time for wiggly kids to sit, especially after a 2 hour drive! We lost the youngest after about well...I was going to say an hour, but maybe I should measure it in food. Once the Milk Duds ran out and most of the licorice was gone, so was she. Our older daughter lasted until after the carrots and grapes.

This is around losing it time:


Here we all are after the game
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More projects and a Birthday

Yet another project. After thinking about it for over 6 years, we finally decided to actually do line a couple of our windows. While one of my favorite windows, unfortunately, from the top of the street, the window gives one a straight through view of our loft, which has always bothered me.
While picking up garden supplies last week, I happened upon window liners and was able to talk my husband into borrowing the neighbor's ladder and applying it to our upper window. We then applied it to our loft windows too, hoping it will help with the summer heat. I love checking projects off of my mental list! Thanks, honey!

It's amazing! Every year I keep getting older. The older I get, the more often I forget how old I am...kind of a scary phenomenon!
I recently celebrated my birthday and thought these gifts from my kids were SO sweet. They made me a crown, a tiarra, a scepter, and several hand painted rocks. Who could ask for anything more?

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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Garden projects

True confession time. I recently started following a 'build it yourself woodworking' blog that has utterly captured my attention. I love to read this blog and dream about future items I'd love to make. My first two projects will be a picnic table for our kids and a bench for our porches. For some reason, using a drill and a saw give me a great sense of power - they empower me. Yep...corny but there it is.

My father showed my husband some raised planter beds he'd made. Yessiree, my dad had his garden already planted in March, in his mini-green house raised beds. Well, my husband was inspired. Now, my husband is great at many things, but he's never really built anything, and he doesn't especially enjoy such projects. However, yesterday he made a trip to the lumber store, came home and began his own raised beds project.

Really, it was quite difficult for me to be missing out on all of the fun. I just wanted to head outside and start having fun with those tools, but I refrained as I knew we would probably have differing opinions on how to do it and end up in an argument. (We rarely argue, but when we do, it always seems to be when we are working on projects together. Typically, one of us has read the assembly instructions and the other doesn't feel like they need the instructions..then it gets a little um, 'warm'.) So, I stayed inside and created pumpkin cinnamon rolls for the neighbors, and then finally talked him into starting up the tiller for me. I then went to, preparing our garden for it's new raised bed.

We decided we might as well plant our plants now and let them start growing outside rather than in, and so the girls and I ran up to Home Depot where we found heavy duty plastic (and several other exciting toys).

We headed back home and started to plant. A neighbor happened to stop by and begged to help plant a few of the 'plantitas', and then he decided he wanted to till the rest of our garden while my husband fertilized all of our plants and I pruned our backyard plants and trees.

Here's our project - complete. We can't wait to see how things grow and how this works. We look forward to reduced weeding and a fantastic garden full of veggies this year! I am super proud of my husband's project. He did such a great job and while he didn't necessarily love doing it, he's pretty happy about it being complete and that he actually did it!
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Home Projects

I know - I'm not sure who really is interested in my house and whether or not it is really clean, but for posterity's sake, I thought I'd post a few photos of my latest projects.

About a month ago we started our garden starts. While in the past I've completely turned our front room upside down, moving sofas and hauling tables up or down the stairs, this year I was inspired to use a baker's rack that I've had in storage. I especially LOVE that my front room was relatively unaffected, and the baker's rack has worked perfectly!


I spent most of last week cleaning. I don't love cleaning, but no one else in my house is prone to it either. I'd gotten buried in some quilts and projects in the past couple of months and things had gotten a little out of control. On Thursday I decided to re-arrange some furniture and here's our new look in our front room. (I think this also doubles as a photo of our new furniture from last summer that I never posted).

The furniture re-arrangement was actually prompted by some lost library books - which prompted the top to bottom cleaning. My last resort was to search through our coat closet. At least, that's what it has been called. The shelves have been laden with everything from medicine, cleaning supplies, extra light bulbs, shoe polish and the flag. I'm sure you can imagine what was on the floor. In the past I've hung up small coat hangers and hooks for my kids and their backpacks...which haven't really worked - everything somehow always ended up on the floor. I started to clean out the closet on Thursday morning and once emptied, proceeded to wash the walls. Then I got the steel wool and scrubbed off all of the scuffs and more permanent stuff. Then, I took off the closet doors and got out the spackling mud. I patched all of the holes from previous endeavors and then re-painted the closet. I moved the boots box and all of the coats and snow pants down to our basement where I hung up another hanger for the kid's extra jackets.
I decided that I liked the doors off look and so I moved a bench from the front room into the closet and turned the area into a mud room.

After that, I re-organized our hats/mittens/gloves over the door organizer and figured out how to permanently affix it so that it doesn't come off and slid it into a corner of the mud area.
Soon, I'll reorganize all of the music that lives within the bench so that we can use it for our winter gear next year.

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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Denver Rockies game

Last week I had the opportunity to take my girls to a Denver Rockies game. Unfortunately, we forgot our camera, and so we had to take our pictures with my cell phone.

We opted for the $4 tickets because they were in our price range and headed up to the nosebleed section. As we got there, one of the workers offered us an upgrade and moved us to the lower level - right off of center field - it was great!

Here are the girls in our new seats

Later, they let us move down to the fifth row to watch the remainder of the game. At one point, one of the players threw a ball to us. It hit my chest, rolled down my arm and dropped to the ground. A young man from the second row dived after it and kept the ball. We were a little disappointed since we felt like the ball was ours (since I'd stopped it's trajectory and taken one for the team). However as possession is 90% of the battle, we realized that we'd lost.

A few minutes later, the crowd around us started to cheer and we saw that a sweet woman from the first row had stood up and was headed our way with a baseball she'd previously caught in her hand. I was thrilled that she got a standing ovation from the people around us as she gave us a ball for the girls. We were impressed with her compassion and kindness...and elated to have a game ball!
Here we are later in the evening.

The Rockies won the New York Mets 11-3. It was a great game and evening!!
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My husband had a conference which was out of town last week. THe girls and I decided to go as well. We spent one of the days at a science and natural history museum.

They have a fantastic kid's lab where they can do scientific experiments. Here are my 'mad' scientists!
We experimented, getting to see their cells from their mouth. They also gave chemicals (caffeine and sleeping pills) to a micro-scopic single celled organism and got to observe and record the changes and effects. It was fascinating!

As we were cruising through, we happened upon someone who asked if we wanted to check out some brains. What a pick up line! This too was fascinating. The girls got to hold and touch some sheep brains which had been donated to the museum from a slaughter house. They learned about the different lobes, the olfactory areas of the brain and how they work. Our daughter was also invited to cut the brain in half so that they could examine the inside of the brain. That was the closest that I've ever been to brains and I definitely learned tons. It was pretty amazing.


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Birthday photos

It is true. We keep feeding and watering them and they just don't stop growing! I can't believe how old this kid is!
Here are some photos from her recent birthday

Breakfast - her request of Johnnie's famous (heart stopping) french toast

We had dinner, played a game, went out and flew a kite and came back in for cake.

We invited two friends and her sister to join us at the pool for an afternoon

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Jack o lanterns and Easter

Here are some recent photos from our lives.
Our daughter enjoying her strawberry smoothie and hard boiled eggs Easter morning.

Our super cool, psychadelic Easter eggs

This child just keeps losing teeth. She's now got a jack o'lantern smile!
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Monday, April 12, 2010

Repairman blues

I'm cranky today. Debating whether I should really blog and air it or not. However, this is life. Some days are better than others, and while I COULD sugar coat everything - what would be the point?

Just for the record - if you are an appliance repairman company, it would be a good idea to actually set up appointments beforehand rather than saying, "Monday". Monday came and I had no idea when they were actually coming - I even called at 7:35 am so that I could possibly get an idea, but they couldn't be bothered to pick up the phone and they are spending most of the day out of the area at more important repairs.

Is one supposed to blithely spend their entire day waiting for the repairman to appear? Who has time like that? Ridiculous. Now since I can't be here when it is finally convenient for them, they can't come until Friday.

I'd say waiting two weeks to get my broken stove & oven repaired is not acceptable. That's why I paid for the extended warranty. There was no clause that it would take forever.

Moving on, we celebrated my daughters birthday last week and kind of partied all week! Friday we headed to a cousin's house for a birthday celebration (his). Saturday, we came back home and put up a new trampoline, had a swimming pool birthday party, and then one of our guests invited us all to their house that evening for a bonfire.

Photos will be forthcoming.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Friday, April 2, 2010

Project finished!

We had the opprotunity to see some of our close friends be sealed together as a family in the Salt Lake Temple last week. I made them a wall hanging with the date to commemorate the occasion.
Here's my finished product.

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What's for dinner?

Once again, I decided to duplicate my recipe blog's last posting so I could share last night's dinner with everyone. I actually fooled my youngest daughter with the spaghetti. In the end, it was pretty fun!

I used the meatloaf recipe from Feet of Meat for our 'cupcakes' and cooked it in muffin tins. We then frosted our cupcakes with mashed potatoes. We had our cupcakes as our dinner entree.


We had spaghetti and meatballs for dessert


Our spaghetti was composed of a slice of angel food cake centered on a plate, then covered with small strands of buttercream frosting. The entire concoction was then covered with a sauce made of blended fresh strawberries and a touch of sugar.

Our meatballs were actually 'chocolate no bake cookies' that were rolled into balls before the completely cooled.

Note - I don't recommend the butter cream frosting noodles with angel food cake - I'd try another type of cake next time. Next year I will experiment with whipping cream for the frosting. It will have to be light, yet stiff enough to come out as strands and hold it's shape. Luckily, I have a whole year to work on that!
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