Friday, October 31, 2008


Yesterday was a creation day. Elder Uchtdorf mentioned a while ago that we need to create, and so I spent my day yesterday doing just that. Here's a quilt top that I started cutting four years ago. Then it got set aside for a while. When I pulled it out, I found that I hadn't really known what I was doing at the time. As such - the result wasn't exactly how I'd envisioned it, but I finally pushed through and finished it as best I could. I think it is pretty darn cute - thanks to my friend who gave me the present suggestion for the filler blocks.

On another note, to offset my creationism, I am also a sewing machine breaker. Three weeks ago, I took my new one (May) back because it stopped working. Just as I had laid out my borders and was starting to work on them last night, my new machine decided to stop - oh, I'm so mad (and hate that machine anyways) my borders aren't on yet. Guess I'll have to trade it back in again...

Here is our other creation. The girls and I spent some time on the computer searching for what they wanted to bring in for their class treats today, and this is what we came up with. Little blue hairy monster guys.

Kind of crazy but fun. The girls helped cut the gum/feet, the whoppers/eyes, and the antennae/licorice and then assembled everything.

Happy Halloween!!



So last Wednesday my husband called me from work and asked me if I had plans for Thursday. I didn't think so, and so he told me that his boss had been given some tickets for a hockey game. He asked if I'd like to use the tickets with some girlfriends since he had to study. While my sister was coming into town on the train (getting up at 3:00 am) she was game as well as two friends.
We traveled to Denver, got to park in the VIP parking lot (we didn't have to pay for parking in Denver - what a first!)
The tickets were for a suite...what does this mean you may ask? Well - you get very cushy seats, only approx. 12 people are in the room with you, there is a sink, counters, a fridge etc. And the best part? You get a private toilet!! Yes, I know it doesn't sound very exciting, but I would much rather share the potty with 12 people vs. 10,000 +/-. Yep - that was the highlight for me - the private facilities - I was sold there!
The Aves played the Edmonton Oilers, and spanked them well. The game ended at 4-1.
I have to say, I enjoy hockey, but I hate the violence when they get into the fights. I understand it is a physical sport, but I don't like how the media responds to the fights - focusing and highlighting them -that's the part that makes me sick. However, the majority of the game was great, and all of the penalties were for hooking... oh the jokes...never mind...I missed my old friends Camille and Cherish at those few moments - those who really appreciate my humor.

So - in regards to the pictures - that one ref - he had a MAJOR needed to be documented. My sister really wanted a rickshaw ride to the car after the game. Mony, Mony really brought back some memories, and NO ONE can get down and dance in public like LIZZIE!
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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Halloween Party

Here's a scrapbook of pictures from our Halloween Party last night. Our eldest was pretty tough to pin down (off playing with friends) so we appreciate the token photos we got of her! Hope you enjoy.
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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Autobiographical story

It isn't very often that I become completely caught up in a story on a stranger's blog. Until tonight. Tonight I came across a link that mesmerized me.
This autobiographical story chronicles a woman's courtship, marriage, and eventual divorce due to a domestically violent relationship. Her story is compelling, deeply personal, and beautifully written.
I enjoyed the author's ability to bring the reader into the situation and her sharing a glimpse into her soul. I appreciated her blatant honesty - I imagine the disclosure of such personal feelings must have been very difficult.
If you'd like to read it, here's the link. Thanks to the author for her courage to share her story, and to her friend for telling me about it.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Misc. Photos

So I was able to finally get my act together, (yes I feel SO much better thanks) and have been able to upload some recent photos.
The girls had a new friend over several weeks ago, and they put on a play...I can't actually remember much about the story line (it was fuzzy at the time as well) but thumbs up for imaginative play!

We took a fall favorite drive. Somehow it turned into a 5 hour drive (generally 3.5) and we all just wanted to get home at the end. We crossed the continental divide where it was snowing of course. While the ride was beautiful, as we came back into our town, we realized that we needn't have strayed so far from home - it was just as beautiful here! We probably will make that drive again, in say...10-20 years..maybe?

We finally end up with some pics from conference. We were happy that our daughter wanted to attend - it was great to have her there with us. She behaved so well and took notes - it was a really neat experience to share with her.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Lack of disclosure

I have to apologize for not posting more often - I's been strangely silent.
Anyways - we had the chance to visit family last weekend. Somehow, I got food poisoning, which continued on and on and on (until yesterday.) Finally, after my brother scared the bejeebees out of me, I went to the doctor and was diagnosed. It would appear that I have a kidney infection. All I can say is hooray for drugs (and for my brother for making me go to the doctor)! My stomach has not gurgled audibly today, and everything I ate stayed down - what a relief. I will blog, I will. I left the house today for the first time in several long days - and had two rehearsals. I think I'm worn out.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Can'o'ramma and tender mercies

It seems like forever since I last blogged. Pretty crazy how busy we get! The first part of last week was spent canning peaches and tomatoes at my friends home...we did 90 jars altogether and she earned the title - queen of domesticity. I also stole this picture off of her blog since I forgot to take any pictures. Thanks ..Onto the apples this week!

We spent some time out of town last week. We traveled out for my great uncles' funeral, my brother's homecoming from his mission, and for a church conference. It was really great to visit with relatives that I rarely see, and to spend time with our families. Unfortunately, I got some killer bu on Friday. After a blessing Friday night, I was much better on Saturday, attended the first session of conference, and then watched the second with my husband's parents. However, Sunday morning I woke up sick again. We packed up and headed home - none too early.
I learned this weekend that Heavenly Father does really love me, and He hears and answers my prayers. I consider it a tender mercy that I was able to recuperate on Saturday to feel great and be able to attend conference with my husband and daughter. Sunday morning while in prayer I asked Heavenly Father to bestow a special blessing upon me so that I could get home without any problems. I was uncomfortable for 4 hours, but okay. We got to a rest stop that I really needed then. The last two hours were really tough, and the rest of the evening was amazingly tough. I was so grateful that we made it home with me in one piece - I didn't care if I was sick all night at home (was) as long as I was able to get home. I know my prayers were answered and that blessings work and that my Heavenly Father knows me and hears and answers my prayers.