Wednesday, December 22, 2010

This is what happens when kids are let loose to put away dishes in the kitchen.

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Wednesday, December 15, 2010


My daughter went to the cupboard to get a glass and this is what she found.
(Unfortunately, my husband didn't know and he drank it!)
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My Cutie patootie

I just couldn't resist taking pictures of this cutie this morning. All decked out and ready for school. We've discovered layering leggings with skorts, skirts and dresses during the cold winter months.
She was a vision in black.

I'm so glad she still lets me fix her hair every now and then. She looked so cute walking out the door this morning with her 'ziggety zaggety parted puffy braids and messy buns' (and soccer ribbons no less)!

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Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Book Thief

Lately I've been spending my time in the young adult section at the library.  Pre-reading some of the books and series I think that my daughter may be interested in.  

This morning I just finished a book that was absolutely amazing. 
The Book Thief
Marcus Zusak

Because I knew absolutely nothing about this book, at first, I was a little dis-oriented and not sure what was coming at me.  After several pages however, I realized that the narrator was actually 'death' - speaking in the first person.  Definitely a different, (yet surprisingly enjoyable) twist.

If you have a chance to read this book - you should.  Poignant, and deeply touching it covers love, loss, and finding family.  Enough book report - this one is going into my top 5 books list.  You SHOULD read it - I couldn't put it down.