Monday, April 30, 2012


My brother recently came into town & we celebrated my birthday.  I picked him up and we were blessed with minimal traffic.  We got back home much earlier than anticipated, and so we hung out at the pool for a while.  Then we went to my favorite wings/barbecue place, got frozen yogurt & then played games for the evening.  Yum.
I decided that I wanted to celebrate my birthday by watching the sun rise over the Atlantic ocean. 
So we got up early, hopped in the car (my sweet husband got up at 4:00 am to get everything ready), and drove off into the sunrise.  It was quite foggy actually.  We got there just in time, but due to the humidity and fog, the suns cresting over the ocean was partially obscured.  It was beautiful anyways.  My brother couldn't believe how many people were on the beach at that time of the day.
After watching the sun climb, we headed a few miles down the road to Canaveral National Seashore where we played for the morning.  Our neighbors recommended it - that's where they go.  No driving on the beach, fewer people (much fewer), room to fish, and a nice quiet beach.  Despite the mosquito attacks as we loaded/unloaded the car, it was a perfect beach day. 
W e put out our fishing poles and sat back and just enjoyed being there.  This was my view

Light breeze, warm water, minimal waves (perfect floating for me - just how I like it).  My brother snorkeled, and when I borrowed his gear I saw one of these fish which was pretty cool.
My husband saw a big crab, and my daughter and I saw a sting ray floating around near by.   
We were finished by 11:30, and decided to pack up and head home.  Cleaned up, and headed to the church to watch our friends be baptized, then spent time with them afterwards.  The only down side to the weekend was at 9:30 when I picked up my messages just before bed, and found out that my brother's flight had been canceled and he was still in town, and we'd missed spending extra time with him because I'd missed his call.
It was, a perfect birthday - best I've had in a long time.
(Last year I got snowed out of my Rockies game - this year, the heavens smiled upon me!)

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Our friend Elder Jensen is finishing up his mission, and came by to say goodbye last night.
We'll miss his smiling face and gentle spirit.
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Monday, April 23, 2012

Race - take two

Here's their 'just after the race' pic.

After cooling down a bit, they had a kids race.  Guess who decided to run again?

Here's her official race time.  29:45.4 which is a 9:45 minute average.  She came in 69th overall.  

While it wasn't a long race, just up the street, around the cone and back, she was starting to feel some pain.  Look at her muscling her way that determination.  Came in 3rd.  Not bad for having just run a 5 k.
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Weekend 5K

My husband decided to do a 5K this weekend.
Our youngest daughter thought she might like to run it with him.  We were a little worried since she had never run that far.  I took her out walking a couple of weeks ago in the morning, and she was sore after that, so we weren't sure what a race would be like for her.
She was determined nonetheless.

Take off - their first mile was just over a 8 minute pace.

Coming down to the finish line...she started to walk for a few seconds, but said she heard me cheering for her and it spurred her on! (Yes, I was screaming my head off like the crazy mad woman that I am)

Check it out - under 30 minutes.  Pretty impressive!  And she even walked some of it! 
We might have ourselves a little runner.

Great job sweetie pie XOX

Sunday, April 15, 2012

The Good, the Bad & The Ugly

This guy was walking around our back yard this week.  Like he owned the place.  I couldn't figure out why he was eating dried grasses/weeds etc.  Then, when I looked at this picture a little more closely, it sure looks like there are some froggy legs hanging out of his mouth - who knew? 
Pretty cool anyway - he was beautiful!

So that was the good.
Since life is life, there's no sugar coating today. 
The week before last was my save the world week.  Up late every night.  Husband gone, came down with a cold and just not a very great week all together.  Did I mention I also started taking some hormones?  Yes a little TMI.  That, my reader should scare you away right there.
However, this past week has been relatively light - no super scientist program...I did volunteer in a class room for an hour, but that might have been my highlight.
My body apparently thinks that I'm 60 (could be stress & hormones).

Anyways, if perchance, Star Trek needed another Klingon, I would be their star.
This week, I've got a face only a mother could love. 
Really.  It might frighten my mother as well. 

I went to 2 Doctors on Friday (it seriously requires a miracle to get me to the dr.  I call my brother who is a dr. we talk about my symptoms, he tells me to go to the dr. and I don't).  When the first dr. told me I had shingles, and because of the location, could go blind, it didn't take too much to get me to the second dr.

Today, my husband says I look MUCH better.  You didn't want to see me yesterday morning.  Very scarey.
So, for posterity's sake, this is me with shingles, oh & yeah, a cold sore in my nostril - thanks hormone pills. Suffice it to say: don't get shingles - it is REALLY painful.
If you do get shingles, get them on a leg or something - they really stink on your face and scalp and eye.

Besides my mom possibly still loving my face, I should disclaimer that my husband hugged me this morning after I'd looked in the mirror and felt a little emotional, and told me he loves me no matter how I look. 
He's a keeper I guess.

Moral of the story.
Life is pretty good most days, but not every day (or week, or month or year).  I guess I can check shingles off of my list now.
On the upside, I've been able to shift all of my Sunday meetings off on to other people, and I am responsibility free for the next few weeks (at least until the sores turn into ugly scabs - yes all over my face).  Then, I won't be contagious - just hideous - tough toss up I tell you!
If perchance, you've wanted to call, but haven't been able to catch me - this may be your lucky week!

Now, respecting my gray hair - Come on!
Someone asked me the other day if I highlight my hair or if it is natural.
My jaw dropped.  Really?  Do people give themselves gray streaks just for FUN?
I'm going with - it makes me look distinguished.  
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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Party Art

The finished crayon art - which is I love that all of the girls helped make it, and she now has it in her room to remember her party by.

Close up of the silk dyed eggs

Love that paisley pattern that transferred over!
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The Cake and Silk Dyed Easter Eggs

Here are all of the girls just before we put sparklers into the cake - which was quite fun by the way. 
We made the cake look as 'elegant' and as plain as possible.  

All 6 layers of sugary goodness with a surprise inside

We finished up by using silk ties and dying easter eggs with them - transferring the patterns to the eggs.  Some of them turned out pretty amazing!  Can't wait to hollow these out and try them again next year.
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The Party!

Our daughter wanted a "Colors" theme.  Try working with that one!  Thank goodness for pinterest and the internet!
The kids played a chair stacking game (thanks to the grandma that gave that to us several years ago - it came in really handy at the last moment), then painted figurines, then headed outside and did some crayon color art with a canvas, crayons, and a hairdryer.  It turned out pretty cool.

And was so fun, we kept finding the adults out there adding their personal touches as well!

As well as little sisters!

Thanks to our lovely assistant and her daughter who helped keep things running smoothly.
10 giggly girls in one little house.  Phew
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Birthday Morning

Happy birthday to our daughter!
Here's the beautiful gift her sister gave her.  A pillowcase with a hand embroidered rose (that is almost finished!)  Funny girl.

For grandma and grandpa:

And grandma and grandpa:

The ever requested, Johnie's French Toast.  Pure artery clogging one is too much goodness, sugary concoction that we only grant every 2 or 3 years. 

That would be french toast soaked in cream, eggs, & 1/4 c. vanilla overnight, then cooked to perfection and topped with caramel sauce (yes more cream), whipping cream (more cream), and chocolate shavings. 
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Annual Easter Egg Hunt

We really love our neighbors.  They have kids the same age as ours, (we only have 2 so it makes it easy) and moving into the house we did, we have been grandfathered into the neighborly traditions as well. 

In particular last week was the great neighborly easter egg hunt.
Here are the neighbors who live within the four houses down our road. (Well, the kids at least)
We hid approximately 320 easter eggs, and individualized bags of candy within our 4 yards, and let the kids have at it.

Then we came inside because of a cloudburst (perfect timing) and the kids dyed easter eggs and sorted through and shared candy and eggs.

Some of misses' creations:

Did I mention the kids both got haircuts and new glasses a while ago?
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Friday, April 6, 2012

Another week

For the record, it has been a crazy week.  Not at all what I envisioned.
I made food for sick people.
I unpacked and made food for moving people.
I got sick.
I tended people's children (while I was sick).
I picked up other people's sick children from school and tended them.
And, I got to practice my mad seamstress skills. 
What skills you ask?
Yep, me too!

Good thing this chica on the left tried on the first attempt before her arms were pinned to her back, and she got left with a superman cape!

My friend contacted me to see if I had any seamstressing skills.
I wasn't sure how to answer.
Perhaps, 'yes, if you need a quilt pieced together?'
Her daughter was invited to a formal party but needed something modest to wear.
Her dress was originally a gown with one inch straps with a long sleeved jacket
(that she thought made her look like a 90 year old).
On the left is the final result - she looks beautiful!   
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