Saturday, April 30, 2011

My Birthday Adventure

This last week was my birthday.
I have to admit - it wasn't the best one I've had.  I'm not sure what I was expecting - but it wasn't this.

This year for my birthday I got:

  • To spend 5 hours (yes full hours) at the Dr. office.  We read, we sewed, we listened to books on tape, we walked around, and we WAITED (and we get to do it again in 2 weeks!)
  • To watch my daughter be scratched, then shot up, then drink lots of amoxicillin
  • To watch my daughter have an allergic reaction.
  • To have the Dr. confirm what I already knew - that my daughter is allergic to amoxicillin
  • To eat a big mac at 2:30 for lunch as I sped to get back home to meet our other daughter after school. 
  • To attend a "tea" party with my daughters, and some of their friends and mothers for a church activity
  • To have my husband stay up late to watch ONE more episode of Chuck with me
  • A fantastic foot rub while we watched Chuck - (definitely the highlight of the day)

While it wasn't the most relaxing day, I was okay with the non-celebratory feel of the day because I knew the REAL celebration would happen on Friday and into the weekend.

Several weeks ago, we bought tickets to see our favorite MLB team.
So yesterday, I cleaned the house (BTW cleaning up after your own birthday is kind of a downer).
Got the family packed.
Checked the road conditions and the weather
Booked a hotel for the night.
Got my to do list (or to shop for) ready

The kids got home from school and we hopped in the car.  15 minutes later than I'd originally, planned, but that was pretty good.  Potty, drinks, blankets, and a quick post office trip were all taken care of and we were on the road, and I was so ready to celebrate my birthday.

1 mile before we got to the exit to pick up my husband, I noticed that traffic had stopped.
They seemed to be shepherding everyone off of the freeway.  Huh?

Yes... at 3:39 the freeways closed - in both directions no less.  I missed it by 4 minutes.
In retrospect, I know that this could be really good, or really bad.  I'm not sure what I missed, but someone said it was a 30 car pile up... I guess I don't mind being part of that.

We did get to eat at one of my favorite restaurants - while we were hoping the roads would open back up.
They opened up - just 7 or 8 hours later.

We headed home after waiting for about an hour.  Took the kids to their gymnastics practice.  I went to the church and practiced the organ.  Did some online shopping for those things that I HAD to get in the big city.

I'm still waiting to celebrate - guess I've got another 360 something days to go... 

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A new Baby!

I wish this post was a different baby announcement, but around here, we take what we can get. 
Our friend sent us an e-mail this morning announcing a new baby in their household....  
Er...their ranch. 
Here are some pictures:



He was born this morning - in the mud.  They are thinking about naming him Mud Pie. I suggested that they name him Mare in honor of my birthday tomorrow, but that was back when they thought he was a girl.  I guess that would be sort of like naming a boy Shirley.  
We can't wait to go meet him!  

Saturday, April 16, 2011


This morning we did laundry - yep.  LOTS of laundry. 
2 weeks ago, I sent my husband to pick up a new dryer.  Ours takes between 3-4 hours to dry each load.  I'd had it, and was ready for a real dryer that works (never really had a great one).  He came home, without the dryer.  I'm still not sure why.  
It was the STRAW.
That broke
the camel's (I'm the camel)

I haven't done laundry since.  Yes.  I'm a great wife and mother apparently. 
It put me over the edge.  We had a mountainous pile of laundry, and I just couldn't face it.  
Sweet man that I married has been doing laundry all week. 
I am very grateful. 
Today the unfolded laundry erupted into my front room.  
It is still there. 
You should see it. 
You shouldn't. 
The HT are coming tomorrow. 
Maybe they'll get to see it. 

Back to the point. 
While folding my mountains of laundry this morning, I was listening to my pandora station - (internet radio)
A song came on. 
It made me happy. 
I shouted to my husband 'I LOVE this song'.
I proceeded to sing along with the song.

It was fate. 
I got home at 6:04 this evening and saw my friend's FB post that she was going to a Train concert. 
Even better, it was Free.  
I like free things (but not your old junk - don't even try)

I wondered what sort of music Train plays/sings. 
I looked it up on the internet and knew it was fate. 

The song I'd just proclaimed my love for was sung by none other than Train. 
I think not. 

So, I made my tired husband get up  - he was relaxing, listening to a baseball game.
I made my kids get their winter clothing on. 
I got mine on. 
And we left. 
We got to the parking structure, and were 1 car late.  The car before us took the last spot.  That was okay, because we parked on the frontage road and parked REALLY close.  
It was better that way. 
The kids took their chairs.  
We stood right by the handicapped section and had a really great view. 
We stood with the people who were here on vacation. 
Their full time residence is in the Bahamas.  
She gave me her business card.  Weird. 

As they sang the song 'Marry Me' the singer came down into the audience. 
He came right through our section. 
He almost took my hand. 
But he could have. 
He just didn't see me. 

I was glad my family loves me. 
Enough to suffer through a concert with me. 
They sang my favorite 2 songs last. 
That's okay. 
I heard them, and we rushed to the car and got out of there. 

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Bug's Bee - Day

We used to call our daughter 'bug' when she was little.  This year she decided to resurrect the nick name... For her birthday she decided she wanted a bumblebee themed party. It was quite wild and crazy...and fun.
We started out with all of the girls decorating goody bags with their names.  Then sent them outside to collect their 'sugar'.  The candy fairy (aka my husband) had liberally sprinkled the yard with candy - including bit o honeys.
Once they collected their candy, they came in and we got to business.

I ordered sheets of beeswax and wicks, and so the girls each got a sheet and got to try their hand at making a beeswax candle - which was pretty cool, and a little trickier than we'd imagined since it was basically just rolling the wick.

After they finished that project, they got to make bottle cap necklaces, with cute little bumblebee images in the centers.  I spent the day yesterday prepping them - painting them, and putting holds and jewelry findings in each one for the chain/cord.

We headed to the games, and enjoyed 'stinger' - the girls had to sit on a balloon and pop it.  I know, it sounds lame, but they had fun.  We then played 'Buzz little Bee' - a take off of 'Grunt, Piggy Grunt'.  They had a great time sitting on each other, and trying to buzz instead of laughing their heads off.

Who knew, but the game 'Spots' was the coup d'etat?  I told them their spots were bee stings, and we started the clapping, snapping and chanting "I've got no spots, how many spots has Sally got?"  They enjoyed it, but then it was time for something else.  Before we could get there though, the kids were all lined up, demanding more spots.  We got more and more extreme.  Then, I just handed the markers over, and they headed to the bathroom and went to town.  We had goatees, side burns, uni-brows, indian princesses, football players, measles, and even a little campfire face.  They went CRAZY.  And LOVED it.  Golly - wish I'd planned that one!  Thank heavens for washable markers.

Finished up with cake, ice cream and presents.

(I'm once again sorry about the sideways bit.  My photo software is causing me anxiety right now...grrrr)

Friday, April 8, 2011

Birthday, Birthday!

We just celebrated our daughter's birthday. Here are her morning pictures:
I think the grandmas collaborated on getting her clothes. A shirt, a jacket, and a dress. Hmmmm.

She's turned into a jewelry girl. She was so excited about this necklace and earrings she'd been eyeing in Moab that we sneakily got her.

While little sister was out of school and sick for 6 days a couple of weeks ago, once she finally started feeling better, she wanted to make a pillow for her sister's birthday. She insisted on it, and there was no getting around it. We still have a few last stitches to finish up, but they both loved it - both giving and receiving!

Here's the obligatory on the birthday birthday cake and candles - apparently we are doing two cakes this year.

An aunt and uncle and cousins came all the way from Maryland and stopped in on their way through - even though it added a couple of hours to their trip. We were so happy to see them and have dinner with them.
Our aunt and uncle and cute cousins - Thanks so much for stopping by!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

April Fool's

Last year I decided to be creative with our April Fool's Day dinner and I made cupcakes from meatloaf with mashed potato frosting.  For dessert, I place a slice of cake on a plate, covered it with frosting noodles (using a piping tip), covered it with blended strawberries, and made chocolate no-bake cookie meatballs. 

So, last week we were driving in the car and I heard my kids telling their friends about how cool our traditional April Fool's Day dinner is.  I didn't know it was a tradition, but here's a photo of this year's dinner.  This year we used lemon cake (the angel food cake was nasty last year with butter cream frosting) 
My older daughter was so funny, she said "wow, I'm glad we only have meatloaf twice a year!"  I asked her what she was talking about, and she said that we always make our 'bloody stump' feet meatloaf for Halloween.  She's pretty quick...I do plan on that one as a tradition.  So, I guess by her accounts, we have meatloaf about every six months!  

I had spent the entire day on Thursday baking for a friend's daughter's wedding reception.  Then I spent the entire day on Friday helping decorate for the reception.  I was supposed to have a group lesson, and a private lesson and just didn't know how I was going to get to dinner.  
As it turned out, my student was sick, and so were several of my other students, and no one could come so suddenly my evening opened up - guess it was April fools on me!  

Our greatest April Fool's joke was on our neighbor.  Over 2 years ago, our kids were playing near the park and saw something yellow flapping in the wind in the nearby ditch.  Upon investigation, they found a HUGE roll of CAUTION tape.  Well, we've been saving it.  Last year it was rainy and cold and so even though we'd been planning a joke on the neighbors, we didn't do it.  This year however, was sunny and beautiful.  
My kids wrapped the neighbor's house with this caution tape - twice around while they weren't home.  I really should grow up and get mature, but I giggled all afternoon - every time I looked out the window.  I just happened to be cooking dinner when they got home and I got to watch them as they drove up.  The good side is that I can deny everything because the kids did it.  The bad thing is that they are plotting revenge.