Saturday, April 9, 2011

Bug's Bee - Day

We used to call our daughter 'bug' when she was little.  This year she decided to resurrect the nick name... For her birthday she decided she wanted a bumblebee themed party. It was quite wild and crazy...and fun.
We started out with all of the girls decorating goody bags with their names.  Then sent them outside to collect their 'sugar'.  The candy fairy (aka my husband) had liberally sprinkled the yard with candy - including bit o honeys.
Once they collected their candy, they came in and we got to business.

I ordered sheets of beeswax and wicks, and so the girls each got a sheet and got to try their hand at making a beeswax candle - which was pretty cool, and a little trickier than we'd imagined since it was basically just rolling the wick.

After they finished that project, they got to make bottle cap necklaces, with cute little bumblebee images in the centers.  I spent the day yesterday prepping them - painting them, and putting holds and jewelry findings in each one for the chain/cord.

We headed to the games, and enjoyed 'stinger' - the girls had to sit on a balloon and pop it.  I know, it sounds lame, but they had fun.  We then played 'Buzz little Bee' - a take off of 'Grunt, Piggy Grunt'.  They had a great time sitting on each other, and trying to buzz instead of laughing their heads off.

Who knew, but the game 'Spots' was the coup d'etat?  I told them their spots were bee stings, and we started the clapping, snapping and chanting "I've got no spots, how many spots has Sally got?"  They enjoyed it, but then it was time for something else.  Before we could get there though, the kids were all lined up, demanding more spots.  We got more and more extreme.  Then, I just handed the markers over, and they headed to the bathroom and went to town.  We had goatees, side burns, uni-brows, indian princesses, football players, measles, and even a little campfire face.  They went CRAZY.  And LOVED it.  Golly - wish I'd planned that one!  Thank heavens for washable markers.

Finished up with cake, ice cream and presents.

(I'm once again sorry about the sideways bit.  My photo software is causing me anxiety right now...grrrr)

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