Monday, July 30, 2007

New news

We've been busily rolling through our summer with nothing major to report. We got our first zucchini's last week and our tomatoes look promising. Last week my husband had strep throat - we can't seem to go a month without someone having it! I got a 98 on my midterm - I'm at least thrilled about that... almost done I keep telling myself. I am officially done with Primary and am the new Seminary teacher. I am looking forward to that challenge, and my husband is signed up and ready to get back to work on that degree he's been working on. The girls have been doing swimming lessons, and we (glutton for punishment that I am) signed them back up for another two weeks! I'm looking at getting a new camera so that I can post pictures more easily - but I'll see if I can't get some more posted this week. :)

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Cello at the Library

Here's a picture that showed up in the newspaper today - we had no idea. A couple of cellists came to the the library last week and did a presentation, and the girls got to try a child sized cello. If you weren't sure, the girls are in the upper right hand corner ~ you know, the cutest ones there!


Well - we had one of those mountain storms today... I told the girls it would be over in 2 minutes. 15 minutes later we were still sitting in the Post Office parking lot - watching the hail stones and rain pelt down. The parking lot turned into a veritable river and we decided to wait when we saw the cars literally almost swimming down the street. The main street to get to our house was completely flooded... we went really slow and prayed we'd make it through okay - the water was probably at least a foot and a half high!!
I-70 had a mudslide that closed it down for about 4 hours, so my husband didn't get home until much later! Super crazy mountain weather!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Family Trips and getting back to life

We met family members at three different reunions last week - lotsa family!! It was fun and memorable, but always nice to get back to the cool mountains. Today we had a huge cloud burst that really cooled things down and was over in 3 minutes - it was fun while it lasted. The best news is that we have peas!! Our garden is producing well so far this year. We started to eat the first peas yesterday - they were divine! Someone commented that they were the candy of the garden - no wonder we like them so much! Our swiss chard is almost out of control, and the lettuce and radishes are almost going to seed as well. We've got to start giving stuff away. Our tomatoes all have flowers on them, but we really hope they'll hurry it up. I got up at 4:45 am today and went hiking. It's kind of fun with a head lamp cause you only see what's directly in front of you instead of watching ahead on the trail (add the increased fear of mountain lions and you've got some great adrenaline). We reached the top while I was still expecting several more twists and bends in the trail (yes - 'we' - there is actually someone crazy enough to go with me at that time of the day). Today I took the girls to play at the children's museum and in the water panning for gold again, and the girls actually found several nuggets. I'm not sure if they are authentic or not, it will be fun to see. Later we went to the library where a cellist played and did a story with music. The girls got to try to play a tiny cello and thought it was pretty neat - therefore pictures pending!

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Pancake Picnic and park

Today we put pictures into a photo album, and then the girls decided they wanted to do something we'd done a couple of weeks ago. We made pancakes, took them upstairs and had a little breakfast picnic while watching a show together. My husband insisted that we go to the park to see the fireworks tonight. I didn't want to, but we did and it was pretty great. We met most of our previous branch there and some other friends came and met us. We didn't get home until after 11:30, and hope the girls will sleep late tomorrow! They really got a lot of good playing in!
Happy Fourth of July everyone. I am amazed and awed at the sacrifices made for the freedoms we have in our country. We will go to a ward breakfast party, then take naps and then do some all American Barbecuing. That's it for us for a couple of days.

Monday, July 2, 2007

I think I've figured this out!

So - after thinking about what to do with this blog all day, I think my main point will be to share some family pictures and try to keep people up to date.
Today - we cleaned the house. The girls have started to really have chores, and it's been an interesting learning curve to have our youngest cleaning the bathrooms and mopping, or in charge of all of the dishes. She's pretty independent, so I'm starting to plan much slower days! We put together 72 hour kits, and planted a ton of daisy and viola plants which a friend thinned out of her flower garden. I'll post a picture once we are sure they are going to make it!

Welcome to my blog!!

So - my sister in law has convinced me that I should begin to blog. She has also sworn to me that creativity is not a requisite for blogging. I must admit that I am slightly dubious - we'll see.
That said - I've never blogged before, but plan to use this as a spot to share our daily occurrences (that's ambitious - maybe weekly or monthly), thoughts, plans, dreams and maybe even keep in contact with people.
For those non spanish speakers (and readers) you may be wondering what exactly a 'rincon' is. First of all - it is pronounced 'reen, cone.' It's meaning is simple. It means a corner - as in my corner of the world, albeit small.
So - feel free to check in on what's going on in our corner, and also comment and keep in contact - and feedback too!