Wednesday, October 24, 2012

34 hours to go

Really  - we have ALL of the luck!
34 hours to go until we (hopefully) become Floridian land owners.
That is, unless Sandy gets in our way.
You see, she's a tropical storm headed our way.
Which pretty much means - if there's anything to cause us just a little more home settling discomfort, we seem to be able to find it. Needless to say - at this point, we hope that the gusty winds will be all that we see of Sandy, but I'm betting we may see some rain as well.  Hopefully not.

On the bright side..
Here's our new kitchen - I can't wait to cook again!

We are almost there.
Almost out of the home that is 82* by 10:00 am, and into something we can call home.
With a pool, and a hot tub.  Guess what we'll be doing that first evening? Yep - sleeping like logs in our air conditioned house!  (Did I mention we haven't had AC for two weeks?)

Yesterday I drove for two hours to get boxes for food storage (the perfectly sized ones).  Glad that I got there the one day a week they are open!

Today, I pulled up our bed and filled 20 boxes with #10 cans.  Let's see - 6 per box, 20 boxes - yep.  120 cans were boxed up today as I sweated in our sweltering up stairs.

Cleaned out the linen closet. Almost finished cleaning out the master closet. Cleaned out the fridge.
Ate lunch with a friend cause all of my food is boxed up or used up.
Set up new accounts, and shopped services.

I can hear my bed calling my name.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Getting closer every day

We are getting closer.  Not there yet, but this week has been full of fun packing (in a non air conditioned house).  Wed. I finished the final touches of packing up the kitchen, Friday I picked up more boxes and 100% finished our storage room, then  my husband put together the wardrobe boxes and we got most of the clothes into the boxes, and our closet cleaned out, and the bathroom packed, and the garage ready to go.
Our youngest was assigned to shred important documents and rid us of several boxes of old documents.

My husband commented, 'this is fun, it's kind of like camping' in reference to our meals.  Since I boxed the kitchen early, we've been subsisting on whatever I can find in the fridge and freezer, and some dried goods I thought would be simple to make (rice a roni anyone?)  At least this camping trip has our own beds.

We took a break on Saturday afternoon and headed to Magic Kingdom.  Our kids wanted to try the crazy tea cups ride - we did it once and the older people in our family got sick.  The younger two loved it, and went on it another 8 times until their hands were red and sore.  Then we bolted over to the Epcot Center where we got to watch Survivor in concert.  The kids weren't too thrilled, until they started recognizing some of the songs.  They analyzed the boring songs for bass line progressions and time signatures.  :)

Keeping our fingers crossed for closing on Friday and then moving right afterwards...  should be an exciting week!

Monday, October 15, 2012

And we're moving...we hope

Fingers, toes and everything in between - crossed.
Yep, we are hoping to close and move on the 26th.  It's been a roller coaster.  The appraisal came in $32,500 less than the agreed upon purchase price.  Guess in the end, the appraiser did us a favor, but we were sweating bullets last week when it came in.  Our realtor said his reaction would have been to cancel the contract and look for a new contract, and hope for a better appraisal.
Fortunately, the sellers agreed to the lower price (except they wouldn't pay any of our costs that they'd previously agreed to) and so by Thursday last week we were looking at business as usual.
Friday night around midnight I got a message from our loan officer to let us know that the loan program (that we specifically went through her to get) may not be available.  GRRRR... we'll see what this week brings.

So - last week, we packed.  The week before that, I packed.  This week, guess what?  We are packing.  And getting a little closer each day.

And getting excited as we hope everything goes through.
We plan to close on the 26th in the morning, and then start moving right away.  As in immediately.  Spend the 27th moving still more, and then we will have the primary program on the 28th.  Clean, clean, organize and unpack on the 29, 30, & 31st and be out of our rental.  That's the plan.

Happy packing me!