Sunday, October 21, 2012

Getting closer every day

We are getting closer.  Not there yet, but this week has been full of fun packing (in a non air conditioned house).  Wed. I finished the final touches of packing up the kitchen, Friday I picked up more boxes and 100% finished our storage room, then  my husband put together the wardrobe boxes and we got most of the clothes into the boxes, and our closet cleaned out, and the bathroom packed, and the garage ready to go.
Our youngest was assigned to shred important documents and rid us of several boxes of old documents.

My husband commented, 'this is fun, it's kind of like camping' in reference to our meals.  Since I boxed the kitchen early, we've been subsisting on whatever I can find in the fridge and freezer, and some dried goods I thought would be simple to make (rice a roni anyone?)  At least this camping trip has our own beds.

We took a break on Saturday afternoon and headed to Magic Kingdom.  Our kids wanted to try the crazy tea cups ride - we did it once and the older people in our family got sick.  The younger two loved it, and went on it another 8 times until their hands were red and sore.  Then we bolted over to the Epcot Center where we got to watch Survivor in concert.  The kids weren't too thrilled, until they started recognizing some of the songs.  They analyzed the boring songs for bass line progressions and time signatures.  :)

Keeping our fingers crossed for closing on Friday and then moving right afterwards...  should be an exciting week!

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