Wednesday, March 31, 2010

April Fool's Day Link

Yes, I know - I'm a little lame sometimes, but last year AFTER april fool's day I came across a blog with a really cute idea for April fool's day and I was bummed that I hadn't been a little more creative (someone in my house doesn't think that cold water poured on them in the shower is very creative - or funny for that matter, but that's a different story I guess).

So - here's a link if anyone wants to pull together something cute for their family for April Fool's Day - even though I already posted (yes, as well) on my recipe blog.

Happy April Fool's Day Ya'll!

Monday, March 29, 2010

More Moab

Here are a few last pictures of the Negro Bill's hike.



That's it! Spring Break was nice - we got a little nice weather (once we traveled out to find it), got haircuts, the girls worked on sewing projects, visited with family and friends, and we are now happy to be back home for the next several months. We've been out of town for 3 of the last five weeks for various reasons, but are ready to get back to normal.

Today the kids are back in school and we are going to plant our garden tonight (indoors) for Family Home Evening and start working on some big home projects!
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We spent some time in Moab, Utah and decided to go for a hike. While Arches National Park is one of our all time favorite places (there's just something about those red rocks that we love!) last year our friends recommended the Negro Bill's hike outside of Arches. While last year we hiked it in May and the spring colors were much brighter (the cacti were in bloom), we still enjoyed the warm sunshine, and dousing our feet as we crossed over the river five or six times. For our first hike of the year it was just fantastic to be outside in the sun!



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Misc. Photos

Last week we decided to take down the broken trampoline.

This is how us shorties get the jobs done!


Here is our family on top of the conference center last week - note my cool gang signs :)

Our kid's favorite thing in SLC is always the fountain outside the conference center. There is a huge fountain on top of the building which cascades in levels down to ground level. Our kids have an undying fascination of this fountain/waterfall. No SLC trip is complete until they've splashed their hands in the water!

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More SLC photos

Center of the Universe - don't we all think we are? Here's the center of SLC

We stopped for lunch in the Nauvoo Cafe and ran into my sister-in-law and nephew who were there on a 'date'. It was great to see them!

After the sealing on our way to the car

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Spring Break in Salt Lake City

This past week for our spring break we traveled to Salt Lake City, Utah. There we met some friends who were going to the Salt Lake Temple to be sealed together as a family. What this means is that family members who accept the Atonement of Jesus Christ and follow His example can be together forever through sacred sealing ordinances performed in God’s holy temples. It was very special to witness this sacred ordinance. Here are a couple of photos from Temple Square in Salt Lake City.

The kids at the temple doors


Here's a group photo we took the day prior to the sealing as we were there touring the conference center and spending time in the Joseph Smith Memorial Building


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Faith In God

As members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, our children have an opportunity to participate in several different faith inspiring programs. Our oldest daughter is working on her Faith In God program which consists of choosing several projects over a space of four years and along with righteous living, daily prayer and scripture study, helps her to exercise her faith in Jesus Christ and strengthen her testimony, and serve others.


One of her recent projects was to plan, prepare, and serve a nutritious meal to her family.

She made tomato soup from scratch (from canned garden tomatoes) - roux and all, hubbard squash, carrots, and toasted cheese sandwiches. As she started her meal, she decided she wanted to go with an orange theme----it turned out great and we are very proud of her excitement for life and her accomplishments!

Not to be left out of the action, our youngest daughter decided to invent the toasted cheese and carrot sandwich. She gave it rave reviews!
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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Life as we know it

I have to keep reminding myself that things don't stay the same. I'd really like them to, but it isn't reality. Just as I began to say that things are starting to calm down since the past month, I realized that in the next few weeks we'll be on spring break with the kids home (translation - making me crazy) and I realized how abnormal seems to be the 'normal' in our home.

In February we headed out to see family for sundry reasons. While there, my husband's grandparents both experienced health complications. We were glad we had the opportunity then to spend time with them. After we returned home, we were informed that grandma had taken a turn for the worse. As it progressed, we tearfully awaited the news that she had passed from her suffering and pain into the next phase of her existence. I realized how tough it was to make appointments and commitments, knowing that I may not be able to keep them - living in limbo is never fun.

Grandma did pass away. She lived a full 90 years and she was prepared and ready to go. As she said - "I've lived a good life".

How many people can rightly say that just before they leave mortality? Definitely something to think about. Could I say that if I was taken away right now??

While we are saddened in losing grandma's cheery smile, our hearts are full of gratitude for the resurrection and the knowledge that we will once again see grandma. We know that this parting is only temporary and that it is a part of life - moving on. What peace this knowledge brings!

Last week we traveled to grandma's funeral. Due to some road closures, we got to take the extended drive which resulted in 9 long hours rather than the normal 6 or so. We were thrilled that the roads opened back up on our way home.

I was blessed to share some very special and sacred moments with grandma as final preparations were made for her burial. It was interesting to note that while tears were shed, I think they were mainly shed for grandpa who is bereft of his wife of 70 years. I can imagine that life without a companion of 70 years would be so lonely. We were able to spend time with grandpa almost everyday while we were there, and the girls loved playing rock, paper, scissors with him. We also had an opportunity to visit all of my husband's siblings - in their homes which was a treat.

Our kids got lots of cousin play time which they loved.

We stopped and saw my cousin's family on our way home and had dinner with them and the kids got to run around outside (first time this year) without jackets and play after a long car ride. We finally arrived home and collapsed. The next morning one of our kids had a fever and so my day got up on hold.

Fortunately, I had lots of energy yesterday and was able to start the re-organization of getting suitcases unpacked and everything back into place. Sigh.

Life is just beginning to feel like normal again. Bring on the chaos of spring break!!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Ice Instruments

On occasion I play the cello. Today a friend and I had the chance to play stringed instruments made out of ice. Not an every day experience.

It was SO cool! (Really - no pun intended) :)

Here are some pics.



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Thursday, March 4, 2010


The sun is shining. Most of the snow has melted. Well, in my front yard at least. We've still got a foot and a half in the back. They say that we'll get a big storm the next couple of days, but I may have to see it to believe it.

I thought life was slowing down a bit. Then I looked at the calendar and noticed how busy we are this entire month, however, I've had a couple of days at home this week without anything major pressing. As such, I've been reading and cleaning and enjoying the peace. Right now, the kids are at school, my husband is at work and all I hear is the quiet hum of my printer. That's it - serenity! Or possibly the calm before the storm???

Yesterday I was working on a big pantry cleaning project. I went to the hardware store and bought some big plastic buckets. Brought them home and washed them out and put my flour, sugar, wheat, beans, and while I'd planned to put either rice or oatmeal in the last one, it temporarily ended up housing all of the half eaten bags of breakfast cereal. I worked at it for about three hours and took a break and finished my book. Then I went back to it. The phone rang and I was asked if I was coming to the meeting.

I completely (COMPLETELY) spaced that I had an HOA meeting. I was a mess and I hadn't even combed out my hair for the day. I'd just thrown it wet, into a pony tail and started working. Boy was I embarrassed showing up 20 minutes late as the super grunge girl!

The girls are doing really well in gymnastics - getting ready to move up another level (the competitive) this spring. Our youngest is consistently landing all of her back handsprings without spotting. Our oldest has just mastered some great things on the bars - but don't ask me what they are called, 'cause I have NO idea. They talk all about the different tricks - I've learned to just listen and nod my head rather than trying to figure out everything they are talking about.

The girls are also working hard to memorize 7-10 piano songs for guild - which is where they are judged on their playing and technique.

My husband is getting ready for another half marathon this spring (not the annual one). He's got me interested in thinking about running either the 5 or 10k race. Hmmmm...I'm intrigued and thinking about it.

Deep breath as I begin my day - I'm happy to be alive!