Thursday, March 18, 2010

Life as we know it

I have to keep reminding myself that things don't stay the same. I'd really like them to, but it isn't reality. Just as I began to say that things are starting to calm down since the past month, I realized that in the next few weeks we'll be on spring break with the kids home (translation - making me crazy) and I realized how abnormal seems to be the 'normal' in our home.

In February we headed out to see family for sundry reasons. While there, my husband's grandparents both experienced health complications. We were glad we had the opportunity then to spend time with them. After we returned home, we were informed that grandma had taken a turn for the worse. As it progressed, we tearfully awaited the news that she had passed from her suffering and pain into the next phase of her existence. I realized how tough it was to make appointments and commitments, knowing that I may not be able to keep them - living in limbo is never fun.

Grandma did pass away. She lived a full 90 years and she was prepared and ready to go. As she said - "I've lived a good life".

How many people can rightly say that just before they leave mortality? Definitely something to think about. Could I say that if I was taken away right now??

While we are saddened in losing grandma's cheery smile, our hearts are full of gratitude for the resurrection and the knowledge that we will once again see grandma. We know that this parting is only temporary and that it is a part of life - moving on. What peace this knowledge brings!

Last week we traveled to grandma's funeral. Due to some road closures, we got to take the extended drive which resulted in 9 long hours rather than the normal 6 or so. We were thrilled that the roads opened back up on our way home.

I was blessed to share some very special and sacred moments with grandma as final preparations were made for her burial. It was interesting to note that while tears were shed, I think they were mainly shed for grandpa who is bereft of his wife of 70 years. I can imagine that life without a companion of 70 years would be so lonely. We were able to spend time with grandpa almost everyday while we were there, and the girls loved playing rock, paper, scissors with him. We also had an opportunity to visit all of my husband's siblings - in their homes which was a treat.

Our kids got lots of cousin play time which they loved.

We stopped and saw my cousin's family on our way home and had dinner with them and the kids got to run around outside (first time this year) without jackets and play after a long car ride. We finally arrived home and collapsed. The next morning one of our kids had a fever and so my day got up on hold.

Fortunately, I had lots of energy yesterday and was able to start the re-organization of getting suitcases unpacked and everything back into place. Sigh.

Life is just beginning to feel like normal again. Bring on the chaos of spring break!!

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Jules said...

Thanks for taking the time to visit us in hicksville! We loved seeing you.