Friday, March 5, 2010

Ice Instruments

On occasion I play the cello. Today a friend and I had the chance to play stringed instruments made out of ice. Not an every day experience.

It was SO cool! (Really - no pun intended) :)

Here are some pics.



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Brandi Johns said...

Wow that is really amazing. It always amazes me the talent that people have.

Caterina B said...

Yes! Very interesting and beautiful. could really PLAY them, right?

BOWMAN'S said...

That looks a little chilly;)
how did they sound?

Mare said...

Yes - they could be played. It was a little chilly - the instruments kept having to be tuned as they heated up. We kept hand warmers in our pockets. They sounded really awesome - just like normal instruments, but with an ethereal sound. Super amazing experience!