Thursday, March 4, 2010


The sun is shining. Most of the snow has melted. Well, in my front yard at least. We've still got a foot and a half in the back. They say that we'll get a big storm the next couple of days, but I may have to see it to believe it.

I thought life was slowing down a bit. Then I looked at the calendar and noticed how busy we are this entire month, however, I've had a couple of days at home this week without anything major pressing. As such, I've been reading and cleaning and enjoying the peace. Right now, the kids are at school, my husband is at work and all I hear is the quiet hum of my printer. That's it - serenity! Or possibly the calm before the storm???

Yesterday I was working on a big pantry cleaning project. I went to the hardware store and bought some big plastic buckets. Brought them home and washed them out and put my flour, sugar, wheat, beans, and while I'd planned to put either rice or oatmeal in the last one, it temporarily ended up housing all of the half eaten bags of breakfast cereal. I worked at it for about three hours and took a break and finished my book. Then I went back to it. The phone rang and I was asked if I was coming to the meeting.

I completely (COMPLETELY) spaced that I had an HOA meeting. I was a mess and I hadn't even combed out my hair for the day. I'd just thrown it wet, into a pony tail and started working. Boy was I embarrassed showing up 20 minutes late as the super grunge girl!

The girls are doing really well in gymnastics - getting ready to move up another level (the competitive) this spring. Our youngest is consistently landing all of her back handsprings without spotting. Our oldest has just mastered some great things on the bars - but don't ask me what they are called, 'cause I have NO idea. They talk all about the different tricks - I've learned to just listen and nod my head rather than trying to figure out everything they are talking about.

The girls are also working hard to memorize 7-10 piano songs for guild - which is where they are judged on their playing and technique.

My husband is getting ready for another half marathon this spring (not the annual one). He's got me interested in thinking about running either the 5 or 10k race. Hmmmm...I'm intrigued and thinking about it.

Deep breath as I begin my day - I'm happy to be alive!