Thursday, May 5, 2016

Growing up

I'm still here.
Looking for momentous things to write about. Our lives have been so busy, yet it all seems to be a blur.

Oh! Our most exciting bit of birthday. My husband was so kind - I wasn't set to put much stock into having another birthday, however, HE wanted to make sure it was celebrated properly, and so it was.
I spent the morning doing a little shopping, then went to the mall with a friend in a paint your own pottery shop. I haven't finished it yet though...gotta get back there!
The activity days girls came by and we played water kick ball, and a couple of other games, and then some friends we knew back in Colorado (who have since moved to Idaho), were driving through, and so they went to dinner with us.  Indian...yum.
The next morning though - that's when it gets good.
But I've got to preface it with a story.

A few weeks ago, we were planning a surprise birthday party for our oldest daughter. Her birthday was over spring break and most of the kids were out of town. We heard word that another family had moved into our neighborhood and church community, and that they had a daughter and son who are between our oldest in age.  So - in order to check them out and see if we should invite them to the party, and to welcome them, and get to know them better, we invited them to dinner.  We'd never met.

Dinner was great...except the sauce from the lasagna dripped in the oven and started smoking and almost started a fire. Nothing like guests coming to the door with the house filled with smoke and the fire alarm blaring. Yes...welcome and come in...I bet you are super excited for what we are going to feed you no?

As we were asking the kids about themselves, the son said he was going to go to school and study business, and then take over his father's business.  So...we asked what the dad did.  He said that he is a bee keeper.
I got really excited. Then I told him I had called a guy a while ago to ask about bees, but he had never called me back.  I found the business card and we found out it was him! (He thought he had called and had me in his data base for some reason). just so happened, that he was getting some bees ready to sale. So, we bought to nucs - this includes bees, brood, and a queen - about 4 frames.

So, we put them into our boxes and we now have bees.  So excited!
So that's one thing. I recently read a book on beekeeping. The one I received for my birthday last year, but never read because I didn't have bees.
Can't wait for the honey!

Our oldest daughter got asked to prom this weekend - she is pretty excited, so we've been busy answering the boy and dress shopping and trying out hairdos and the likes. We went to a lot of stores, but really struggled to find anything modest and less than $400 that we liked.  Finally, we headed to Pasco where there's a high hispanic population. We then spent 6 hours in their quinceanera dress shops, and walked away with a winning dress. Complete with a hooped petticoat, but she may be too shy to wear. Oh the excitement!

Our youngest is busily involved with drama, and we were able to see her first performance this week. She's super excited about all things drama and we get to hear lots about it.
She also got CONTACTS!  Yes. This little one has been wearing glasses since she was 6. We moved her into contacts a couple of weeks ago, and we still sort of expect to see her squinting when we see her, because without glasses, that's usually what we saw.  She is super excited for a birthday that's upcoming, and to be able to wear make up!

So, I guess our news is that we are all growing up and older.