Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Jim & Laura - TLA

My friends Laura and Jim were married last week.
Two weeks ago, Laura told me that they'd finally set a date for the 16th. While Laura wanted to just have something very simple and small in the bishop's office because they are planning on being sealed in the temple in a year, and that's when they want to have "The Big Party", Jim wanted something a little bigger.
I commandeered her one afternoon just to look at a few cool spots I'd seen around that I thought would be nice for an intimate wedding ceremony.
We found a REALLY accommodating restaurant in Winter Park that was perfectly quaint complete with an amazing patio space for everything.
A few days later, we went dress shopping.
Then, last week, (the night before she got married) a friend and I threw a bachelorette/bridal shower party for her. Thank goodness for evites, and facebook event planning!
Here's the group that showed up for the party.

The next day, I got to pick up my cello and do some solo work as I played out on the patio as the few guests arrived and enjoyed appetizers prior to the wedding.
I'm hoping I can find some photos on my husband's camera since I was playing...
Congratulations to Jim and Laura!
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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentines Day

Every year, we make our valentines day cards for the kids to give to their friends.
Last year - our cards were 'preciosos' - I don't know how to give them justice, but they really were pretty spectacular.
Unfortunately, our kids saw some of the kids take them, rip the homemade caramels off of the back, and stuff them in the trash. They were pretty disappointed.
This year, I found some cute ideas on marthastewart.com, and we made some cute little flowers with a hershey's kiss in the middle. Much less time consuming than our previous endeavors at least!

Here's the carnage from last night's melee!

Sending love to all of our family and friends!
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Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Last weekend was busy!
After the race, we stopped by the farmer's market for some orchids. (Hopefully we can keep them alive) and then hurried home to finish getting ready for my brother and his wife's visit. They were the first visitors we've had from my side of the family, and we loved seeing them! We were also excited that they only had 3 bags, and could check 4. We got to send some fresh Florida oranges, and strawberry jam back with them.
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Kids 5K

After the adults ran their 5K, the kids had a parking lot dash. At first our youngest was NOT going to race. However, we encouraged her, and her friends encouraged her, and she decided to run.

While we were waiting around, the kids were walking on their hands, doing push ups, V ups, sit ups, back bends, and walk overs - we were just trying to keep them busy and occupied. I couldn't believe they still had energy to race.
We were shocked when our youngest pulled ahead and finished 4th in the race...even past her older sister who came in 5th. The kids' friends took 1st and 2nd, but then, they are on track teams and do this all of the time.
I just wished that I'd signed up as well!

Our daughter in the back was disappointed that she only got a participation ribbon rather than a medal. :)

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5K shots - read to the end

My husband and his Saturday running friend Kirk decided to hit a local 5 K this last weekend.
Here are some of their running shots.
1st .25 mile

2.5 miles

Finish Line - notice the time clock on the left side. That's his fastest 5K since he was in high school!

My husband has been working on a new running technique where instead of going for a personal best every run, he does some longer slower runs as he trains during the week. It seems to be paying off!

My husband came in 3rd over all, and first in his age category.  Not too shabby for an older guy!!
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Additional shots

As I was downloading pictures, I came across these. I think they are a little clearer than the previous ones - such a great day!

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Friday, February 3, 2012

SRI celebration

SRI. I wish I knew what those acronyms mean. I'm just not sure. Student Reading Index perhaps?
What I understand them to mean is my child's reading level, or having something to do with the lexile learning level.
This morning we were invited to a celebration ceremony to celebrate that our daughter jumped 175 lexile points between September and January. We are pretty excited about it!
Congratulations little miss!
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