Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Kids 5K

After the adults ran their 5K, the kids had a parking lot dash. At first our youngest was NOT going to race. However, we encouraged her, and her friends encouraged her, and she decided to run.

While we were waiting around, the kids were walking on their hands, doing push ups, V ups, sit ups, back bends, and walk overs - we were just trying to keep them busy and occupied. I couldn't believe they still had energy to race.
We were shocked when our youngest pulled ahead and finished 4th in the race...even past her older sister who came in 5th. The kids' friends took 1st and 2nd, but then, they are on track teams and do this all of the time.
I just wished that I'd signed up as well!

Our daughter in the back was disappointed that she only got a participation ribbon rather than a medal. :)

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