Thursday, December 19, 2013

Yesterday, on our way home from another Dr. appt. my husband and I realized that Christmas is a week away. 

Now, if you live in any other state than Florida, please try to take this with a grain of salt.  But, as a non-Florida native, Christmas time is a very difficult time of year for me to be motivated. 

Like, how am I supposed to realize it is Christmas when it is 85* outside, and I'm thinking about going to the beach as I plan my day?  What I'm saying people is that (poor me), the natural triggers just aren't there. No snow, no cold, no icicles, no hot chocolate and caroling...zilch, nada. Nothing to help me realize that I had really better get it together! 

Yes, I've been working on Christmas projects for siblings, and just got them into the mail.  Checking them off of my to finish asap list.  But I must be in denial because beyond that and caramels for teachers/friends at the girl's school, that's it.  Zilch.  We've got nothing baby beyond making and decorating 4 dozen sugar cookies for my daughter's class party.  

Today, my husband is spending a few hours with a friend, and so I, in all of my alone and spare time (horray, I'm alone for a few hours!) woke up with a mission to take chicken noodle soup to a sick friend for lunch.  Which I did.  Then I watched an episode of Lark Rise to Candleford.  And ate lunch. And just realized that I have music students who will be showing up very soon. No Christmas shopping here!  

As I think about tomorrow and what to do now that the kids are out of school - we'll most likely go to the beach!

And for the record, do I miss the cold, snow, icicles, etc.etc....not one bit baby!