Sunday, May 31, 2009

Birthdays and art museums

We celebrated our daughter's birthday recently. Here she is that morning.
We apparently had a 'seating' theme going on this year as both of our kids got bean bags for their birthdays.

Later that day, I went on a field trip with my daughter and her class. After a 2 hour bus ride (through canyons) to get there we all felt relativly sick. The museum was very interesting. The artist had done a blue collection, inspired by the Australian bird that collects blue things. So, there in the museum was a pile of blue junk including swimming pools, bunkbeds, slides, a range rover, and a drum set and most anything else you could think of...including donations from the kids. While I really appreciate art, there didn't seem to be any real symbolism or meaning other than anything he could find that was blue, or paint blue to add it in. Definitely not my style of art.


Hanging out at the cabin

We decided to get away and rented a small cabin at a near by lake. We had a great time and really enjoyed getting away as well as the peaceful relaxation we found there together.
Checking out the candy with dad

Here are some friends who came up to help us celebrate.

She finally got those sparkler candles blown out!
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Dad and daughter self portrait

The girls canoeing

The old wagon teeming with new life

The view from our cabin
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Cabin by the lake

The view

Playing with Matches

In charge of lunch

Hanging out in front of the heater
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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Apple blossoms

We spent some time with some friends last night. It is true - we invited ourselves. But it really isn't our fault. A couple of years ago they invited us up to their place to eat under the apple blossoms which were blooming. It was gorgeous, and well - guess what I think about come spring and blossom time?
On top of the blossoms everywhere, they have several animals and live in a unique area on a delightful property...pasture views out the window, a well and a cistern, a waterfall and river across the street. Our children love to visit because our friends are so sweet to them and engage them with the animals. The girls got to help with the chickens, and loved the adventure.
I loved the apple trees which were in full bloom as well as the white lilacs. It didn't matter which way the wind blew -either way was filled with tantalizing aromas. As we walked around the yard, the apple blossoms gently floated from above, scattering a white carpet of blossoms on the fresh springy grasss. It was euphoric. While the following pictures don't do justice - we loved spending time with them and enjoyed their springtime wonderland. Thank you!

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Feeding the chicks and gathering eggs

Here are the girls. They had an amazing time feeding the chickens (after they learned to scatter not pelt)and then collecting the eggs.



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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Just us

This weekend we went to my husband's graduation in Denver and spent a couple of days there, playing at the museum etc. Following are some of the highlights of the graduation and the fun we had. While chronologically backwards, we are starting with some photos of just us. This degree was very difficult for our family and I am so thrilled to have my husband back again and the kids to have a daddy that is available to play once again. Phew probably describes it the best - we are so glad that period of life is over (for a while at least.) Hope you enjoy our photos as much as we did taking them!
Just us

How the girls felt about having their daddy graduate

While doing some window shopping we came across these masks. Sort of mardi gras'ish' but they met the mood and we loved them!

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Graduation photos

Crossing the stage and shaking the hand.

A face in the crowd...the one I love best

My husband's parents

My parents
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Here is a fun exercise we did that measures your brainwaves, and uses them (the relaxed ones) to move a magnetized ball across the table. Both my husband and daughter killed me on this!


Walking down the aisle. I have to admit - I surprised myself with tears at this point. Wasn't sure where they came from but they were definitely there.

Waiting...the graduation was fairly long, and we'd gotten there quite early. The second row seats were great, but obviously not everyone was enthralled.
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Weekend activities

This weekend we traveled out of town for my husband's graduation ceremonies. Both of our parents met us in the city and we spent some time at the Natural Science and History museum.
I think both the kids and adults had a blast. The girls got to do some really interesting science experiments and even see some of their own cells under a microscope.



My daughter and I couldn't resist making a mold of our faces in the children's play area.
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Saturday, May 9, 2009

Daddy daughter date

A couple of Sundays ago we settled down for an afternoon nap. Our little one decided to join us (unheard of). After I got up to get some things done, I peeked back in and couldn't resist snapping this picture.

Ladybug release

Here are some pictures from last weekend.
Our friends own a nursery, and they had their season grand opening and invited everyone from the community for a ladybug release. While we had soccer and got there late, we were so grateful that they saved us a bag.

The girls had a blast. They got to plant some plants, and paint some garden stones and enjoyed lunch.