Sunday, May 31, 2009

Birthdays and art museums

We celebrated our daughter's birthday recently. Here she is that morning.
We apparently had a 'seating' theme going on this year as both of our kids got bean bags for their birthdays.

Later that day, I went on a field trip with my daughter and her class. After a 2 hour bus ride (through canyons) to get there we all felt relativly sick. The museum was very interesting. The artist had done a blue collection, inspired by the Australian bird that collects blue things. So, there in the museum was a pile of blue junk including swimming pools, bunkbeds, slides, a range rover, and a drum set and most anything else you could think of...including donations from the kids. While I really appreciate art, there didn't seem to be any real symbolism or meaning other than anything he could find that was blue, or paint blue to add it in. Definitely not my style of art.


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Tisha said...

I just got her present in the mail on Friday (sorry it's late) so be sure to check your box in the next few days! The pictures from the cabin are awesome! Looks like SO much fun.