Thursday, August 30, 2007

Another post already?

Well - I just wanted to say that I have created another blog as well. As if I just sit around blogging all of the time right? Anyways - the other blog is ........ I will be using this blog to keep up with my seminary class. It will chronicle our assignments - especially the reading assignments will be posted there, as well as a commentary of what we've been doing in class each day etc. I'm hoping that the kids and their parents will use it to keep track of what is going on, and to keep up to date if they miss something. Seems like it will be a nifty little tool - we'll see. That's it - I made it through day number 2 so far. :)

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

It has finally started!

Well - August 29 finally arrived. No photos - but be assured I at least made it through the first day. Yes - I am talking about seminary...and people actually showed up. That was the real test - will anyone come??? I had 14 fresh live victims there - we'll see if there are any survivors. Really though - they are all really great kids and I think we are going to have a blast this year. We are studying the Old Testament, which is one of my favorites - so much action and violence, and inspiring stories. So - I got up at 4:30 and will do so again tomorrow (if not earlier), so I am going to bed. I am going to set up a blog for my students I think too... we'll see what they have to say!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

At Home in our Elements!

We love to play in the mud in our back yard! As you can tell - the kids really had a day of it. Imagine, a mud body wrap in the privacy of our own back yard - and dirt cheap!

We spent an evening fishing nearby - but got skunked. Unfortunately, we forgot the hot dogs, and as we had no fish had to settle on corn on the cob and s'mores for dinner. No one seemed to complain and we had a great time!

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Strep is NOT our friend! & and Rock band / classical Fusions

Well... it's hit once again. Our girls had their check ups this week, and since someone else in our home (no names, but it wasn't me or the girls) had strep the week before, we had them checked for strep throat. We thought that they might be carriers and someone is just sharing it again and again. I personally have had it in May, June, a sore throat in July, and one in August as well (but not the fever and chill and headache and aching symptoms). We are REALLY sick and tired of strep in our house. So - if you have strep - please don't come by. We are all on antibiotics, and once we finish, we will all be tested just to make sure no one else has it - it's ridiculous!
Well... onto to other items now that the strep disclaimer is off of my chest.

The last couple of weeks have been good. The girls just finished their last session of swimming lessons for the summer. I'm so excited to have that daily 2 hour block of my day back - they've been at it for a month.

As was alluded to in a posting comment, we had the big seminary kick off meeting two weeks ago the 6:00 am stands. Don't get me wrong - I do like my sleep too, but it ended up being the only time that could work for me. I'm pretty excited to start this month with it, and look forward to a really fun year.

I've played several gigs with my group the past two weeks. We just participated in a Relay for Life yesterday. We played the soft background music while they did the luminary ceremony. While this was as cool as always - there was a way more cool part of the evening. When I arrived, I went up to the stage to put my stuff down, and saw a friend who was doing some percussion with the rock band that was playing on the stage. He invited me to grab the tambourine and to jam away with them. So - I turned into the tambourine player of the completely non-famous garage band that was doing the entertainment. Besides the tambourine, I got to play an instrument called the 'cabasa'. No - that wasn't a typo. It is one of the main instruments that is used in Santana stuff (yes - that is the best description I can come up with). It really just looks like a lint roller with beads stuck all over it, but it makes a really cool sound. I have to admit - playing in a rock band wasn't as easy as it looks. I had to try and stay on beat, and the singer wasn't that great and they didn't want me to do back up vocals (I have NO idea why!) I guess the hardest part was when they kept playing music I'd never even heard before. We did play an old Police song - walking on the moon. Just for the record - the tambourine and the cabasa were RIGHT ON in both of those songs - the others were all just guesses. Anyways - it was pretty fun. I got to stand on stage in my black concert clothing with the garage band who was dressed up like Hee-Haw in front of approximately 200 people and pretend like I had an idea of what I was doing. It was awesome!