Saturday, May 17, 2014

Today - right now

Here's what's happening today - right now.

 Bright and early we hung out with these cool people - and layed sod in our neighborhood retention pond.  4 pallets of it, and 60+bags of soil.  We got sweaty and dirty, but it was nice to work together with neighbors and good people who we'd never met.

Disclaimer - don't look too close.  In Florida, crabgrass is called "grass", so yes - we spent the morning laying crab grass.  Never thought I'd do that!

 Lots of painting going on.  Our HOA (which yes, I'm the president of) sent us a letter telling us we'd better paint our fence or else.  Well, we had a difference of opinion - I wanted to just plant some flowers to cover it up, but someone else wanted to paint it.  While we further negotiated, and my husband spent a week in Chicago, we got the second letter telling us to TAKE CARE OF IT!  So - we spent some quality time at Home Depot.  My husband got paint, and I bought herbs - lavender, chocolate mint, cilantro, stevia, citronella.  :)

Our eldest daughter is painting the neighbor's nails - she gave her a birthday coupon a year ago for a free nail polish session, and so they are hanging out on the back porch bonding over fingernails.

Tonight - cooking, cleaning, and watering all of that sod....  Yes, it's a thrilling life we lead.