Monday, February 2, 2015

A long post about a lot of things from our lives these past two weeks.

Good Monday Morning,
This weekend we began a new adventure....we are potty training the kitties.
Yes. You heard me right.
Yes, I am questioning my sanity.

We've closed off the toilet in the girl's bathroom, and this weekend, my bedroom and bathroom were cleaned so that they now sparkle - since anyone who comes to our house gets to use the master bath if they need to use the facilities.

So far, the kitties are using it for #1, but we aren't sure where the #2 is going.  I'm a little worried, but hoping they will catch on soon.  It's been gradual. We moved their litter box into the bathroom, and we've gradually been raising the heighth to the same height as the toilet.  Saturday was the day that their litter pan went into the toilet, and once they get that, we will make the opening very small, and then gradually make it bigger and bigger until it is just the toilet seat.  I can't wait!

Our kids PROMISED that they'd clean the litter faithfully, but they don't.  As such, we are hoping our plan B works.

Let's in our life.... I had a piano & violin recital a couple of weeks ago.  It was great. 11 of my 12 students performed, and they all (with 2 or 3 exceptions) had their music memorized and they all did fantastic! Only one had a peanut allergy and went into borderline anaphylatic shock from the peanut butter blossom cookies someone brought. Wasn't quite the weekend that they had planned.

Here's our youngest daughter playing the last half of Malaguena:

My Students

Last week, I got to go on a field trip with the local middle school kids.  Our daughter was ThRilLeD that I could chaperone.  We went to the waste water treatment plant, and then a local state park where we saw an 8 foot alligator, and got to sort through a netful of stuff scooped up by the ranger from the lake and find all of the glass shrimp, beetles, minnows, spiders, and dragonfly larvae.  It was pretty fun - I was surprised. 

Here's a recent family photo I came across with one of the Sister missionaries from our church who was leaving to go back home.  The sweet girl next to my husband is our "Sunday Daughter". She is a great friend to our oldest daughter, and is a great influence.  We really love having her spend Sunday afternoons with us.  

Last week, I went to the dermatologist to get some moles looked at.  He froze a "pre-cancer" off right then and there, and had me come back the next morning for biopsies for 3 other moles.  He scraped two and cookie cutter punched another.  Crossing my fingers and waiting to hear back from them this week.  Here's one of the 'scrapes'. 

And finally, I've started on a road to personal recovery.  I'm not going to go into all of the details, I'm hopeful, and taking responsibility for me and my journey of life. 

Today, as part of my recovery, in taking care of me, I chose to spend quality time with my bike and my favorite bike path. 
It was beautiful. 
I love Florida during this time of the year.  
Here's the view when I just couldn't stand not documenting the beauty of the bike path. :)