Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Just us

This weekend we went to my husband's graduation in Denver and spent a couple of days there, playing at the museum etc. Following are some of the highlights of the graduation and the fun we had. While chronologically backwards, we are starting with some photos of just us. This degree was very difficult for our family and I am so thrilled to have my husband back again and the kids to have a daddy that is available to play once again. Phew probably describes it the best - we are so glad that period of life is over (for a while at least.) Hope you enjoy our photos as much as we did taking them!
Just us

How the girls felt about having their daddy graduate

While doing some window shopping we came across these masks. Sort of mardi gras'ish' but they met the mood and we loved them!

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Amy said...

Oh my goodness, I hope you bought those masks, they are perfect! I love them, and you all look so beautiful and festive in them! Yay for your hubby graduating... again! Is he done now or is he going to go back and get a doctorate or a third or fourth masters? He sure is a hard worker and very dedicated!