Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Apple blossoms

We spent some time with some friends last night. It is true - we invited ourselves. But it really isn't our fault. A couple of years ago they invited us up to their place to eat under the apple blossoms which were blooming. It was gorgeous, and well - guess what I think about come spring and blossom time?
On top of the blossoms everywhere, they have several animals and live in a unique area on a delightful property...pasture views out the window, a well and a cistern, a waterfall and river across the street. Our children love to visit because our friends are so sweet to them and engage them with the animals. The girls got to help with the chickens, and loved the adventure.
I loved the apple trees which were in full bloom as well as the white lilacs. It didn't matter which way the wind blew -either way was filled with tantalizing aromas. As we walked around the yard, the apple blossoms gently floated from above, scattering a white carpet of blossoms on the fresh springy grasss. It was euphoric. While the following pictures don't do justice - we loved spending time with them and enjoyed their springtime wonderland. Thank you!

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