Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Jim & Laura - TLA

My friends Laura and Jim were married last week.
Two weeks ago, Laura told me that they'd finally set a date for the 16th. While Laura wanted to just have something very simple and small in the bishop's office because they are planning on being sealed in the temple in a year, and that's when they want to have "The Big Party", Jim wanted something a little bigger.
I commandeered her one afternoon just to look at a few cool spots I'd seen around that I thought would be nice for an intimate wedding ceremony.
We found a REALLY accommodating restaurant in Winter Park that was perfectly quaint complete with an amazing patio space for everything.
A few days later, we went dress shopping.
Then, last week, (the night before she got married) a friend and I threw a bachelorette/bridal shower party for her. Thank goodness for evites, and facebook event planning!
Here's the group that showed up for the party.

The next day, I got to pick up my cello and do some solo work as I played out on the patio as the few guests arrived and enjoyed appetizers prior to the wedding.
I'm hoping I can find some photos on my husband's camera since I was playing...
Congratulations to Jim and Laura!
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