Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Daytona Speed Week

Since we live under an hour from Daytona, we figured when in Rome....

It was LOUD!! 
And interesting. 
Thanks to the clean air act, we haven't been in a place for so long where people smoked incessantly.
We moved 3 times, and it didn't really seem to matter.
So we watched the cars go around and around.  After a few minutes it got boring and we started wishing for some excitement - a crash, a fire, something, anything!
Then, when we got some excitement, after the adrenaline rush, then we got bored waiting for it to get cleaned up and taken care of, and we found ourselves wishing they'd just get on the track and start driving again.
I just noticed from this photo that our friend who is with us is now taller than me. 
So not fair!
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Tisha said...

Congrats on being NASCAR folk now :)