Monday, October 15, 2012

And we're moving...we hope

Fingers, toes and everything in between - crossed.
Yep, we are hoping to close and move on the 26th.  It's been a roller coaster.  The appraisal came in $32,500 less than the agreed upon purchase price.  Guess in the end, the appraiser did us a favor, but we were sweating bullets last week when it came in.  Our realtor said his reaction would have been to cancel the contract and look for a new contract, and hope for a better appraisal.
Fortunately, the sellers agreed to the lower price (except they wouldn't pay any of our costs that they'd previously agreed to) and so by Thursday last week we were looking at business as usual.
Friday night around midnight I got a message from our loan officer to let us know that the loan program (that we specifically went through her to get) may not be available.  GRRRR... we'll see what this week brings.

So - last week, we packed.  The week before that, I packed.  This week, guess what?  We are packing.  And getting a little closer each day.

And getting excited as we hope everything goes through.
We plan to close on the 26th in the morning, and then start moving right away.  As in immediately.  Spend the 27th moving still more, and then we will have the primary program on the 28th.  Clean, clean, organize and unpack on the 29, 30, & 31st and be out of our rental.  That's the plan.

Happy packing me!

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