Wednesday, October 24, 2012

34 hours to go

Really  - we have ALL of the luck!
34 hours to go until we (hopefully) become Floridian land owners.
That is, unless Sandy gets in our way.
You see, she's a tropical storm headed our way.
Which pretty much means - if there's anything to cause us just a little more home settling discomfort, we seem to be able to find it. Needless to say - at this point, we hope that the gusty winds will be all that we see of Sandy, but I'm betting we may see some rain as well.  Hopefully not.

On the bright side..
Here's our new kitchen - I can't wait to cook again!

We are almost there.
Almost out of the home that is 82* by 10:00 am, and into something we can call home.
With a pool, and a hot tub.  Guess what we'll be doing that first evening? Yep - sleeping like logs in our air conditioned house!  (Did I mention we haven't had AC for two weeks?)

Yesterday I drove for two hours to get boxes for food storage (the perfectly sized ones).  Glad that I got there the one day a week they are open!

Today, I pulled up our bed and filled 20 boxes with #10 cans.  Let's see - 6 per box, 20 boxes - yep.  120 cans were boxed up today as I sweated in our sweltering up stairs.

Cleaned out the linen closet. Almost finished cleaning out the master closet. Cleaned out the fridge.
Ate lunch with a friend cause all of my food is boxed up or used up.
Set up new accounts, and shopped services.

I can hear my bed calling my name.

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Caterina B said...

Hmmmmmm.....I can't even imagine air conditioning at this time of year. Right now it's snowing lightly here in CO. I can't believe how fast the summer went.
Congratulations on your new home!
Will you let us see some more photos, please?