Friday, November 2, 2012

It's ours! (and the bank's of course) and Halloween pics

How negligent I've been.
I guess I can blame it on not having decent internet, and on moving.
Needless to say - we officially moved last weekend. More of that at the end - after some Halloween pictures.

Our Irish/Trinidadian/English friends joined us for the feet of meet and potato ghosties.  And then the annual donut competition: (notice the cool pineapple plans in the background)

Here's our little medusa - snakes and all (it was a pretty quick do all ratted up, although we did it in twisties with pipe cleaners at the church party on Friday)...and her BFF of course.

Here's our Halloween ballerina.  Her costume is actually one that was retired from the stage.  Her ballet school sells their retired costumes each year - we think she looks pretty good!  Very fluffy!

We closed at 9:00 am on Friday, and started moving our stuff around 12:00.
So many people from our church came and helped us out...both on Friday and on Sunday.
They have all been so very kind and giving of their time and talents and resources (like Patti who brought us Sunday dinner).  Muahh!  A huge kiss and hug to all of them!
(And everyone far away who sent positive moving vibes as well).

We had our ward Halloween party on Friday night, then moved the rest of it all on Saturday, then the ward primary program on Sunday (the first one that I was ever in charge of).  It was nice to come home and relax on Sunday and heave a big sigh of relief, and then take a nap.  :)

Monday was spent at the old house - cleaning.  Then Tuesday morning, and then we returned the keys, and I taught lessons all day.

A friend helped me with a bit of unpacking on Wed, and we got one of the kid's rooms closer to order, we also had our traditional feet of meat Halloween meal, and then Thursday I hung out for 4 hours with the internet repairman.  Meetings all day today (we are in charge of the ward Christmas party in a few weeks), and I'm still trying to figure out when I can get the rest of this stuff organized.

But, at least I'm not house shopping!  On to a new phase of our lives.  Settling, gardening, and learning to maintain a pool, and Florida home.

Yay us!

Yes, Caterina - photos to come...once I get everything into order :)
Here's a teaser of the master bath though...
And the pool and back yard...

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