Monday, July 30, 2007

New news

We've been busily rolling through our summer with nothing major to report. We got our first zucchini's last week and our tomatoes look promising. Last week my husband had strep throat - we can't seem to go a month without someone having it! I got a 98 on my midterm - I'm at least thrilled about that... almost done I keep telling myself. I am officially done with Primary and am the new Seminary teacher. I am looking forward to that challenge, and my husband is signed up and ready to get back to work on that degree he's been working on. The girls have been doing swimming lessons, and we (glutton for punishment that I am) signed them back up for another two weeks! I'm looking at getting a new camera so that I can post pictures more easily - but I'll see if I can't get some more posted this week. :)


Julie Michaelis said...

Hi Mare! Congrats on school accomplishments. How's seminary teaching going? Brian told me you have a mutiny of parents wanting to have it at 6:45 instead of 6:00. I hope that's going well. Hope to hear from you soon!


Mare's Rincon said...

Julie, thanks for your comment. I'll let you know on the seminary once it really gets going... good to hear from you!