Friday, April 8, 2011

Birthday, Birthday!

We just celebrated our daughter's birthday. Here are her morning pictures:
I think the grandmas collaborated on getting her clothes. A shirt, a jacket, and a dress. Hmmmm.

She's turned into a jewelry girl. She was so excited about this necklace and earrings she'd been eyeing in Moab that we sneakily got her.

While little sister was out of school and sick for 6 days a couple of weeks ago, once she finally started feeling better, she wanted to make a pillow for her sister's birthday. She insisted on it, and there was no getting around it. We still have a few last stitches to finish up, but they both loved it - both giving and receiving!

Here's the obligatory on the birthday birthday cake and candles - apparently we are doing two cakes this year.

An aunt and uncle and cousins came all the way from Maryland and stopped in on their way through - even though it added a couple of hours to their trip. We were so happy to see them and have dinner with them.
Our aunt and uncle and cute cousins - Thanks so much for stopping by!

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Amy said...

Grrr! Your photos aren't posting. Still.

But I am glad she had a wonderful birthday!