Tuesday, April 5, 2011

April Fool's

Last year I decided to be creative with our April Fool's Day dinner and I made cupcakes from meatloaf with mashed potato frosting.  For dessert, I place a slice of cake on a plate, covered it with frosting noodles (using a piping tip), covered it with blended strawberries, and made chocolate no-bake cookie meatballs. 

So, last week we were driving in the car and I heard my kids telling their friends about how cool our traditional April Fool's Day dinner is.  I didn't know it was a tradition, but here's a photo of this year's dinner.  This year we used lemon cake (the angel food cake was nasty last year with butter cream frosting) 
My older daughter was so funny, she said "wow, I'm glad we only have meatloaf twice a year!"  I asked her what she was talking about, and she said that we always make our 'bloody stump' feet meatloaf for Halloween.  She's pretty quick...I do plan on that one as a tradition.  So, I guess by her accounts, we have meatloaf about every six months!  

I had spent the entire day on Thursday baking for a friend's daughter's wedding reception.  Then I spent the entire day on Friday helping decorate for the reception.  I was supposed to have a group lesson, and a private lesson and just didn't know how I was going to get to dinner.  
As it turned out, my student was sick, and so were several of my other students, and no one could come so suddenly my evening opened up - guess it was April fools on me!  

Our greatest April Fool's joke was on our neighbor.  Over 2 years ago, our kids were playing near the park and saw something yellow flapping in the wind in the nearby ditch.  Upon investigation, they found a HUGE roll of CAUTION tape.  Well, we've been saving it.  Last year it was rainy and cold and so even though we'd been planning a joke on the neighbors, we didn't do it.  This year however, was sunny and beautiful.  
My kids wrapped the neighbor's house with this caution tape - twice around while they weren't home.  I really should grow up and get mature, but I giggled all afternoon - every time I looked out the window.  I just happened to be cooking dinner when they got home and I got to watch them as they drove up.  The good side is that I can deny everything because the kids did it.  The bad thing is that they are plotting revenge.  


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