Monday, March 28, 2011

Otitus Media

Yeah - say WHAT?? This little pumpkin took us on a trip to the urgent care facility yesterday. We thought we were just getting a quick strep test, but ended up with an inner ear infection (aka otitus media). Unfortunately, she's allergic to pretty much every antibiotic that we could have used on her. So....she's been hanging out with me. She's become my movie buddy. Yep...watching movies all day with my girl. At least I made her shower today. We've also been holding a cooked onion up to her ear and steaming it. (Don't barf Liz). I've heard that it works...and it seems to make her feel better. Who knew? 

This guy wasn't feeling too hot either

Somehow they actually got the cross eyed version of this picture.  Boy were we bored.  2.5 hours of hanging out in a little room with baby poop colored walls

Good thing I had my kindle.  At least she didn't mind the wait. 

uh...we were REALLY bored.  Unfortunately, I can't find the photo of my husband with his Dr. Office "Balloon".  He seems to think that volleyball with a "balloon" is acceptable Dr. Office behavior.  

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