Monday, March 28, 2011


One of our favorite places on earth is Arches National Park. Really - I don't know what it is about that red sand and the beautiful rock monuments, but love it we do. Every year my husband likes to participate in the Moab half marathon. We try to get there a day or two early so that we can really enjoy the area. Here are some photos from our latest visit. Here we walked through some fins to get to our favorite Sandstone Arch

Climbing around the Arch

Playing in the sand around Sand Dune Arch. Alas - no full body burials today.

Exploring beyond the arch

My cute guy \

Sand sifting

Just hanging out

On our way to the Pine tree arch (another favorite), there's a little jetty that the kids LOVE to hike up and run as fast as they can back down. The girls couldn't remember where this was exactly, but were adamant that we visit it again.

The bunny

Pine Tree Arch. This is my all time favorite. I probably have 5 pictures here on my blog from it. One from each year most likely. For some reason this arch area always feels SO peaceful to me. I wonder if the area was a sacred place anciently. Love this one.

Family photo at the Pine Tree Arch

Outside of the Sand Dune Arch

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