Saturday, April 16, 2011


This morning we did laundry - yep.  LOTS of laundry. 
2 weeks ago, I sent my husband to pick up a new dryer.  Ours takes between 3-4 hours to dry each load.  I'd had it, and was ready for a real dryer that works (never really had a great one).  He came home, without the dryer.  I'm still not sure why.  
It was the STRAW.
That broke
the camel's (I'm the camel)

I haven't done laundry since.  Yes.  I'm a great wife and mother apparently. 
It put me over the edge.  We had a mountainous pile of laundry, and I just couldn't face it.  
Sweet man that I married has been doing laundry all week. 
I am very grateful. 
Today the unfolded laundry erupted into my front room.  
It is still there. 
You should see it. 
You shouldn't. 
The HT are coming tomorrow. 
Maybe they'll get to see it. 

Back to the point. 
While folding my mountains of laundry this morning, I was listening to my pandora station - (internet radio)
A song came on. 
It made me happy. 
I shouted to my husband 'I LOVE this song'.
I proceeded to sing along with the song.

It was fate. 
I got home at 6:04 this evening and saw my friend's FB post that she was going to a Train concert. 
Even better, it was Free.  
I like free things (but not your old junk - don't even try)

I wondered what sort of music Train plays/sings. 
I looked it up on the internet and knew it was fate. 

The song I'd just proclaimed my love for was sung by none other than Train. 
I think not. 

So, I made my tired husband get up  - he was relaxing, listening to a baseball game.
I made my kids get their winter clothing on. 
I got mine on. 
And we left. 
We got to the parking structure, and were 1 car late.  The car before us took the last spot.  That was okay, because we parked on the frontage road and parked REALLY close.  
It was better that way. 
The kids took their chairs.  
We stood right by the handicapped section and had a really great view. 
We stood with the people who were here on vacation. 
Their full time residence is in the Bahamas.  
She gave me her business card.  Weird. 

As they sang the song 'Marry Me' the singer came down into the audience. 
He came right through our section. 
He almost took my hand. 
But he could have. 
He just didn't see me. 

I was glad my family loves me. 
Enough to suffer through a concert with me. 
They sang my favorite 2 songs last. 
That's okay. 
I heard them, and we rushed to the car and got out of there. 

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Amy said...

I miss the free concerts of your area. Sigh. But it was wonderful that you all got to enjoy it. I would certainly call it Fate. :)