Saturday, April 30, 2011

My Birthday Adventure

This last week was my birthday.
I have to admit - it wasn't the best one I've had.  I'm not sure what I was expecting - but it wasn't this.

This year for my birthday I got:

  • To spend 5 hours (yes full hours) at the Dr. office.  We read, we sewed, we listened to books on tape, we walked around, and we WAITED (and we get to do it again in 2 weeks!)
  • To watch my daughter be scratched, then shot up, then drink lots of amoxicillin
  • To watch my daughter have an allergic reaction.
  • To have the Dr. confirm what I already knew - that my daughter is allergic to amoxicillin
  • To eat a big mac at 2:30 for lunch as I sped to get back home to meet our other daughter after school. 
  • To attend a "tea" party with my daughters, and some of their friends and mothers for a church activity
  • To have my husband stay up late to watch ONE more episode of Chuck with me
  • A fantastic foot rub while we watched Chuck - (definitely the highlight of the day)

While it wasn't the most relaxing day, I was okay with the non-celebratory feel of the day because I knew the REAL celebration would happen on Friday and into the weekend.

Several weeks ago, we bought tickets to see our favorite MLB team.
So yesterday, I cleaned the house (BTW cleaning up after your own birthday is kind of a downer).
Got the family packed.
Checked the road conditions and the weather
Booked a hotel for the night.
Got my to do list (or to shop for) ready

The kids got home from school and we hopped in the car.  15 minutes later than I'd originally, planned, but that was pretty good.  Potty, drinks, blankets, and a quick post office trip were all taken care of and we were on the road, and I was so ready to celebrate my birthday.

1 mile before we got to the exit to pick up my husband, I noticed that traffic had stopped.
They seemed to be shepherding everyone off of the freeway.  Huh?

Yes... at 3:39 the freeways closed - in both directions no less.  I missed it by 4 minutes.
In retrospect, I know that this could be really good, or really bad.  I'm not sure what I missed, but someone said it was a 30 car pile up... I guess I don't mind being part of that.

We did get to eat at one of my favorite restaurants - while we were hoping the roads would open back up.
They opened up - just 7 or 8 hours later.

We headed home after waiting for about an hour.  Took the kids to their gymnastics practice.  I went to the church and practiced the organ.  Did some online shopping for those things that I HAD to get in the big city.

I'm still waiting to celebrate - guess I've got another 360 something days to go... 

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Tisha said...

Sorry your birthday plans didn't work out :( But that means you can make even bigger plans for next year!