Sunday, April 15, 2012

The Good, the Bad & The Ugly

This guy was walking around our back yard this week.  Like he owned the place.  I couldn't figure out why he was eating dried grasses/weeds etc.  Then, when I looked at this picture a little more closely, it sure looks like there are some froggy legs hanging out of his mouth - who knew? 
Pretty cool anyway - he was beautiful!

So that was the good.
Since life is life, there's no sugar coating today. 
The week before last was my save the world week.  Up late every night.  Husband gone, came down with a cold and just not a very great week all together.  Did I mention I also started taking some hormones?  Yes a little TMI.  That, my reader should scare you away right there.
However, this past week has been relatively light - no super scientist program...I did volunteer in a class room for an hour, but that might have been my highlight.
My body apparently thinks that I'm 60 (could be stress & hormones).

Anyways, if perchance, Star Trek needed another Klingon, I would be their star.
This week, I've got a face only a mother could love. 
Really.  It might frighten my mother as well. 

I went to 2 Doctors on Friday (it seriously requires a miracle to get me to the dr.  I call my brother who is a dr. we talk about my symptoms, he tells me to go to the dr. and I don't).  When the first dr. told me I had shingles, and because of the location, could go blind, it didn't take too much to get me to the second dr.

Today, my husband says I look MUCH better.  You didn't want to see me yesterday morning.  Very scarey.
So, for posterity's sake, this is me with shingles, oh & yeah, a cold sore in my nostril - thanks hormone pills. Suffice it to say: don't get shingles - it is REALLY painful.
If you do get shingles, get them on a leg or something - they really stink on your face and scalp and eye.

Besides my mom possibly still loving my face, I should disclaimer that my husband hugged me this morning after I'd looked in the mirror and felt a little emotional, and told me he loves me no matter how I look. 
He's a keeper I guess.

Moral of the story.
Life is pretty good most days, but not every day (or week, or month or year).  I guess I can check shingles off of my list now.
On the upside, I've been able to shift all of my Sunday meetings off on to other people, and I am responsibility free for the next few weeks (at least until the sores turn into ugly scabs - yes all over my face).  Then, I won't be contagious - just hideous - tough toss up I tell you!
If perchance, you've wanted to call, but haven't been able to catch me - this may be your lucky week!

Now, respecting my gray hair - Come on!
Someone asked me the other day if I highlight my hair or if it is natural.
My jaw dropped.  Really?  Do people give themselves gray streaks just for FUN?
I'm going with - it makes me look distinguished.  
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Lauren said...

aww, so sorry. I hope the painful time passes quickly! I love how you have humor in everything!

Tisha said...

I hope you feel better soon. Try to "enjoy" being responsibility free for a little while.

Caterina B said...

Oh dear, Mare!
I feel for you. I hope it's not really painful. I had a bout with that awfulness during the time I was trying to get my mother moved to assisted living. Mine was on my stomach. I was lucky, it was not too painful. Hope I'm done with it for my lifetime!