Monday, April 23, 2012

Weekend 5K

My husband decided to do a 5K this weekend.
Our youngest daughter thought she might like to run it with him.  We were a little worried since she had never run that far.  I took her out walking a couple of weeks ago in the morning, and she was sore after that, so we weren't sure what a race would be like for her.
She was determined nonetheless.

Take off - their first mile was just over a 8 minute pace.

Coming down to the finish line...she started to walk for a few seconds, but said she heard me cheering for her and it spurred her on! (Yes, I was screaming my head off like the crazy mad woman that I am)

Check it out - under 30 minutes.  Pretty impressive!  And she even walked some of it! 
We might have ourselves a little runner.

Great job sweetie pie XOX

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