Friday, April 6, 2012

Another week

For the record, it has been a crazy week.  Not at all what I envisioned.
I made food for sick people.
I unpacked and made food for moving people.
I got sick.
I tended people's children (while I was sick).
I picked up other people's sick children from school and tended them.
And, I got to practice my mad seamstress skills. 
What skills you ask?
Yep, me too!

Good thing this chica on the left tried on the first attempt before her arms were pinned to her back, and she got left with a superman cape!

My friend contacted me to see if I had any seamstressing skills.
I wasn't sure how to answer.
Perhaps, 'yes, if you need a quilt pieced together?'
Her daughter was invited to a formal party but needed something modest to wear.
Her dress was originally a gown with one inch straps with a long sleeved jacket
(that she thought made her look like a 90 year old).
On the left is the final result - she looks beautiful!   
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