Sunday, April 25, 2010

Home Projects

I know - I'm not sure who really is interested in my house and whether or not it is really clean, but for posterity's sake, I thought I'd post a few photos of my latest projects.

About a month ago we started our garden starts. While in the past I've completely turned our front room upside down, moving sofas and hauling tables up or down the stairs, this year I was inspired to use a baker's rack that I've had in storage. I especially LOVE that my front room was relatively unaffected, and the baker's rack has worked perfectly!


I spent most of last week cleaning. I don't love cleaning, but no one else in my house is prone to it either. I'd gotten buried in some quilts and projects in the past couple of months and things had gotten a little out of control. On Thursday I decided to re-arrange some furniture and here's our new look in our front room. (I think this also doubles as a photo of our new furniture from last summer that I never posted).

The furniture re-arrangement was actually prompted by some lost library books - which prompted the top to bottom cleaning. My last resort was to search through our coat closet. At least, that's what it has been called. The shelves have been laden with everything from medicine, cleaning supplies, extra light bulbs, shoe polish and the flag. I'm sure you can imagine what was on the floor. In the past I've hung up small coat hangers and hooks for my kids and their backpacks...which haven't really worked - everything somehow always ended up on the floor. I started to clean out the closet on Thursday morning and once emptied, proceeded to wash the walls. Then I got the steel wool and scrubbed off all of the scuffs and more permanent stuff. Then, I took off the closet doors and got out the spackling mud. I patched all of the holes from previous endeavors and then re-painted the closet. I moved the boots box and all of the coats and snow pants down to our basement where I hung up another hanger for the kid's extra jackets.
I decided that I liked the doors off look and so I moved a bench from the front room into the closet and turned the area into a mud room.

After that, I re-organized our hats/mittens/gloves over the door organizer and figured out how to permanently affix it so that it doesn't come off and slid it into a corner of the mud area.
Soon, I'll reorganize all of the music that lives within the bench so that we can use it for our winter gear next year.

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Amy said...

You inspire me. I love that you are such a hard worker, and you get so much done. Really, you rock!