Saturday, April 17, 2010

Denver Rockies game

Last week I had the opportunity to take my girls to a Denver Rockies game. Unfortunately, we forgot our camera, and so we had to take our pictures with my cell phone.

We opted for the $4 tickets because they were in our price range and headed up to the nosebleed section. As we got there, one of the workers offered us an upgrade and moved us to the lower level - right off of center field - it was great!

Here are the girls in our new seats

Later, they let us move down to the fifth row to watch the remainder of the game. At one point, one of the players threw a ball to us. It hit my chest, rolled down my arm and dropped to the ground. A young man from the second row dived after it and kept the ball. We were a little disappointed since we felt like the ball was ours (since I'd stopped it's trajectory and taken one for the team). However as possession is 90% of the battle, we realized that we'd lost.

A few minutes later, the crowd around us started to cheer and we saw that a sweet woman from the first row had stood up and was headed our way with a baseball she'd previously caught in her hand. I was thrilled that she got a standing ovation from the people around us as she gave us a ball for the girls. We were impressed with her compassion and kindness...and elated to have a game ball!
Here we are later in the evening.

The Rockies won the New York Mets 11-3. It was a great game and evening!!
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