Saturday, April 17, 2010


My husband had a conference which was out of town last week. THe girls and I decided to go as well. We spent one of the days at a science and natural history museum.

They have a fantastic kid's lab where they can do scientific experiments. Here are my 'mad' scientists!
We experimented, getting to see their cells from their mouth. They also gave chemicals (caffeine and sleeping pills) to a micro-scopic single celled organism and got to observe and record the changes and effects. It was fascinating!

As we were cruising through, we happened upon someone who asked if we wanted to check out some brains. What a pick up line! This too was fascinating. The girls got to hold and touch some sheep brains which had been donated to the museum from a slaughter house. They learned about the different lobes, the olfactory areas of the brain and how they work. Our daughter was also invited to cut the brain in half so that they could examine the inside of the brain. That was the closest that I've ever been to brains and I definitely learned tons. It was pretty amazing.


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