Monday, April 12, 2010

Repairman blues

I'm cranky today. Debating whether I should really blog and air it or not. However, this is life. Some days are better than others, and while I COULD sugar coat everything - what would be the point?

Just for the record - if you are an appliance repairman company, it would be a good idea to actually set up appointments beforehand rather than saying, "Monday". Monday came and I had no idea when they were actually coming - I even called at 7:35 am so that I could possibly get an idea, but they couldn't be bothered to pick up the phone and they are spending most of the day out of the area at more important repairs.

Is one supposed to blithely spend their entire day waiting for the repairman to appear? Who has time like that? Ridiculous. Now since I can't be here when it is finally convenient for them, they can't come until Friday.

I'd say waiting two weeks to get my broken stove & oven repaired is not acceptable. That's why I paid for the extended warranty. There was no clause that it would take forever.

Moving on, we celebrated my daughters birthday last week and kind of partied all week! Friday we headed to a cousin's house for a birthday celebration (his). Saturday, we came back home and put up a new trampoline, had a swimming pool birthday party, and then one of our guests invited us all to their house that evening for a bonfire.

Photos will be forthcoming.

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