Thursday, April 29, 2010

Birthday suprise

I was having a couple of down days last week (I think they are obligatory with birthdays). Anyways, I decided that I wanted to spend my birthday with my kids and husband doing something fun, and something I could look forward to. Yes, it was all about me!
We told the girls that we had a surprise for my birthday but wouldn't tell them what it was.
I checked them out of school after a couple of hours, and we picked up my husband and traveled to a major league baseball game. The girls got new mitts (we thought our seats were in a pretty good spot, but no balls).
Anyways, we had a fantastic time. While our team lost by one point, they had to go into extra innings because of the previous tie. It was a blast, although 4.18 hrs is a really long time for wiggly kids to sit, especially after a 2 hour drive! We lost the youngest after about well...I was going to say an hour, but maybe I should measure it in food. Once the Milk Duds ran out and most of the licorice was gone, so was she. Our older daughter lasted until after the carrots and grapes.

This is around losing it time:


Here we all are after the game
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