Friday, September 6, 2013

I finally remembered

I've been racking my brain all evening. Trying to remember (after my pathetic, I've been too busy to blog, but can't remember why post) why I was too busy to blog the past few weeks.

I've redeemed myself.
I painted two bedrooms.
One each week.
My brother also came into town.
AND I was sick for a whole week.
And I'm in the middle of the primary program throes.

Suffice it to say.
I'm feeling justified. Both for my forgetfulness, and um...for whatever else I was trying to justify, but just yawned, and forgot.

I will post photos. Soon. But we are in the 'decorating' it stage of things with the blood red, vampire wall room.
Yes. You heard me right.  And it was a COMPROMISE.

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