Sunday, September 8, 2013

Sunday Sept 9, 2013

Today was a good day.
Just before 8:00 am I found out my chorister for primary wasn't able to be there. I realized that the prompting and thought that I'd had Thursday night, as well as Friday morning, had been promptings from the Holy Ghost, and that I'd ignored them.  I'm going to do a better job of listening and doing this week.  Today we'd planned for a full hour of song practice.  I scrambled, and got to be the chorister.
I said a prayer.
Things worked out great. At least I heard one kid say it was fun, and the kids seemed to sing well for me!

After church, while my husband and daughter were at a meeting, my youngest and I had a heart to heart. She's been struggling for a while with friends, and not very open to hearing ideas or suggestions. Things have been tough. But something that she heard in church today, opened her heart a little, and as she told me about her heart ache, we opened the scriptures and read about the betrayal and heartache that Jesus Christ must have gone through when he was betrayed, and then even denied by his most stalwart companions.
She remembered that I had taught the primary children a month or so ago, that there is no problem in life that cannot be found in the scriptures.  You name it - everything is in there.  And because Heavenly Father loves us, we have scriptures - and can find help and direction through them.
So, as we read together, and discussed what we read, she said a prayer, and found her purpose.

She made some cupcakes (all by herself), and then I went with her to deliver them to friends.  She spoke with several different friends and apologized for wrongs, and asked for forgiveness.  It was seemingly such a simple thing to do. Two words, - I'm sorry.  Followed by, "Will you forgive me?", but oh so difficult to do.

She learned (happily) that when she used those words, and meant them, that friendships could be patched.  That laying out feelings and vulnerabilities on the table, in order to communicate is scary, but that better things can come.  It turned out so much better than she had expected.

I'm grateful to the mom that approached me and told me something was going on, and we probably needed to figure out how to sort it out.

I realized how much I love teaching my children "life skills".  How to get through problems that seem insurmountable.  I know that with God, nothing is impossible.  It felt like "this is what being a parent is about", and I LOVE it!

And now it is super late, and I need to get my game so I'm not cranky tomorrow and ruin this really satisfying day.

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