Friday, September 6, 2013

Blogging blues

I'm trying.
To do better.
To remember to blog.
Sometimes I fail. Or there aren't enough hours.
Or I'm really consumed by my latest Korean comedy.

I've been busy with 'stuff'.  Preparing for upcoming travels and adventures.  Working on getting our Colorado house rented, and everything squared away with that.

Did I mention that school started? Nope. Not even a blog about it. Bad mom. Bad mom. If I did, I just can't remember back that far.
My brain is trying to squeeze too much into it.

Like this morning - last night, traveling back from a stake training (with primary general board persons), we planned an impromptu presidency meeting. Which was good, since our last one was a while ago, since someone went out of town, and school started.  My meeting met.  Then I picked up staple fruits and groceries to hold us over for a while, came home to find a big bag of frozen blueberries thawn (is that a word) on the counter.  Oh yeah, from smoothies I made for breakfast.  After I got kids to school, and then sat down to plan my meeting and work on my agenda.  After the store, I ate several cookies for lunch.  They were really tasty. With pink frosting and sprinkles.  I saved a few for the kids at least.  That's something.

The blueberries are now in the oven. With a dry cake mix and butter on top - a nice cobbler.  To go with the roasting chicken next to it.  I bought some quinoa, black rice, and couscous on Saturday. Going to experiment with those too.

I'm back. Cub scouts was calling my name again. Loudly. As are my children now, and the shower. Yes, now that I'm in a new decade, I don't wake up with immediately oily hair, and can pretend that I've showered, until later in the day when I really do. Really.  I'm feeling like perhaps, I've shared too much. gasp.
And my husband is home.

Suffice it so say. I'm still alive. And will really blog - some day in the near future. Just not the rest of today.

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