Monday, June 24, 2013

Light - let there be light!

This past week I've been perfecting my crock pot cooking skills.
Like, almost every night I crock potted.  Scary since we're still only in June.
We had a few crazy storms last week - one waking us all at 1:30 am.  Truly window rattling thunder and lightening.  Our pool was so full, we had to pump it twice.

Due to my husband's slightly tempermental  - "who knows what is going on?" I've been working hard to have dinner on the table when he gets home, and to keep things a little more orderly - just trying to keep down the stress.
He did tell me I needed to pace myself though as we had guests for dinner twice last week.  He's probably right.

The girls are signed up for free bowling at two alleys.  As such - they are bowling a lot - up to 4 games a day!  (What?  C'mon..our pool is malfunctioning and waiting for parts, and it is HOT and humid outside with afternoon showers!)
We watched a bunch of youtube videos on bowling techniques on Saturday.  Can't wait to see how the girls improve.

We got caught in a monsoon downpour on Friday coming out of the bowling alley.  Just running to the car drenched us COMPLETELY.  Came home and snuggled into jammies and blankets and had a family Harry Potter movie fest.

Backtracking to April, my parents were in town and wondered what I wanted for my upcoming birthday.  I asked if my dad could help install some overhead lights/ceiling fans.  He said sure and went to work.  I'd watched some youtube videos and read some books - it didn't seem too complicated.  Except that there was no existing wiring, and he had to wire most of the attic for it.  (Who knew?)  He wasn't able to finish before they headed back home.

Fast forward to now - my husband has been working on the attic wiring/lights campaign now since April.  Everytime he's gone into the attic, he's gotten sick.  Last time sending him to the ER. has been a little bit of a sore subject.  I wanted to just hire someone.  He wanted to finish the project.   (Need I say more?) So, during the HP fest, my hubby got a little bored and decided to putter around some more.  He went into the attic with a promise that he'd only be there for 5 minutes.  When he came down, he was sick again.  There must be something in that attic!  He would take a few minutes, then putter, then rest a few more, then putter.
However.....Wala!  After 2 months, one ambulance ride, ER visit, Dr. visit, and CT scan we now have working overhead lights in three rooms!  Here they are:
I couldn't take pics of the whole rooms - they weren't finished being cleaned yet.  

 Yay!  Now we can start re-thinking the electric green that came with this bedroom.  

This one is in my music room where I teach.  It SORELY needed something overhead.  I specifically got this one since it has 4 bulbs.  No more students squinting to see the music!

The moral of the story is...contracting with Eddy who would have done it for $200 a pop back when we were moving in, may have been cheaper than just the ER and CT scan themselves.

And the question that begs for an answer is: Who will be installing and wiring our light/ceiling fan for our master bedroom?  LoL  
I think I'm okay taking a sabbatical on the lighting for a bit.  

Our daughter is headed off to girls camp this week, and apparently the cinnamon rolls I handed out last year at the meeting point were requested again. So, I'm off to bake cinnamon rolls and crack the whip for two girls who SHOULD be cleaning their rooms.  


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Caterina B said...

But......has it occured to you that there might be something toxic in the attic? I would check that out.