Sunday, August 11, 2013

Things are not always as they appear

Yesterday, we headed over to Home Depot, and attended a interior painting class.
The whole family.
It wasn't very organized and was a little slow, but we learned a few nifty tips and I think the kids learned some creative painting options.
We picked up our paint, and headed home to begin our big painting project.  We've been putting in ceiling fans and overhead lights, and doing electrical stuff, and patching walls, and now we are finally ready to get rid of "electric green" and "robin's egg blue" in the girl's rooms.  That slow to - do list when you buy a new place....
We taped everything up, moved the bed and bookshelves and while my husband looked for the rollers that we haven't used for two years, I started priming the windowsill.
He came in with a nifty gadget and started priming up a storm (what I did in 20 minutes took him two).  We were almost ready to start rock and rolling (get it?)
Just then I got a phone call.
Our church was having a Young Single Adults Conference for everyone (single) between 18-31 for the state of Florida, and part of Georgia.  For whatever reason, some of the anticipated help hadn't worked out, and help was needed immediately.
We appreciated that they felt like they could call on our family to help out in a time of need, and quickly showered, and got on the road.
We got different assignments.  Our oldest daughter helped slice hoagie buns for cold cut lunches today. My husband transferred food between the refrigerated truck, to the rooms where foods were processed (sliced, cut, or whatever) back and forth.  At least I think that's what he did.
The young'un and I got to hang out outside.  We helped get the tables set up, moved a tent to over the water coolers and made tasty beverages....enough to quench the thirst of 800+ people in Florida on a hot summers day.  Not an easy feat I assure you.
It was really hot.  We sweated a lot.  We really appreciated the freezer trailer.  The little one would climb into it for a quick cool down as we needed bags and bags of ice.  Sometimes we hugged the ice as we transported it - momentary bliss.
As everyone began to eat, we manned the beverages, keeping them full and it kept us running back and forth.
While our day didn't quite turn out as we had expected, we were blessed to be able to help and serve so many people.  Our youngest got to help out with "bowling" using pineapples as pins, and coconuts as the balls.  We observed "spearing watermelons", and watched hula dancers and fire dancers as well. Our youngest even got to go up and participate, and she was pretty jealous when she saw the karaoke and dance going on inside towards the end of the evening.

What was interesting to me though, was that it was a blessing to us to be able to be there.  When we first arrived, were in line waiting for the restroom and I asked some of the people where they were from.  One of the girls was from nearby and I asked if she knew some of our friends who live in their area.  She answered yes, and told me that one of the young men in that family will be heading to California (Long Beach) for the next two years to be a missionary for our church.  I hadn't heard, and was elated to receive this news.  Several of his siblings were at the conference, and we were able to see them and momentarily catch up.  We will visit with them this evening, before he leaves tomorrow for his mission.

We got to serve others, and to see friends, and to find out about this special news and have the opportunity to see our friend before he leaves.

School starts tomorrow and we today we were able to move back into our chapel that was under reconstruction for the past 8 months.  Hooray! And the AC in the primary room works - double HOORAY!  Life is good - even when it doesn't quite turn out as we anticipated.

Oh, and church time moved back to the early time.  That means Sunday naps! 

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