Friday, December 21, 2012

Right Now

Right now it is 41* outside, and headed towards the high 20's.  
I've just covered the 2 pineapple plants and chia plants and snake plants and flower plants and palm plant with sheets so that they'll stay cozy tonight.  Kind of crazy since yesterday we were swimming.  :)

Our oldest daughter is sitting on the fireplace reading a book - next to a fire.  Our youngest is sitting on the couch listening to her daddy read her a story.  And my husband just saw that I started blogging so he is calling the family together for scriptures - after this chapter ends - I have a small reprieve!

We just did a bit of shopping - kids for a few last friends.  While my husband and I hoped to find a few other things, the kids were sticking to us like glue.
We came home and traveled through a couple of neighborhoods - enjoying all of the Christmas lights as we went.

The kids are out of school for two weeks.
Christmas packages have been sent.  (Except for yours Julie - I'm still working on it)
Yawn - a little more shopping tomorrow morning, then the annual drive around looking at lights with some friends in their 15 passenger van after dessert.

My yawns are becoming more insistent.  And scriptures are calling my name.

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